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Eric Hartter – 5 Quick Facts about Whitney Scott Mather’s father

Eric Hartter

There is a good chance that you’ve heard about Marshall Bruce Mathers III popularly known as Eminem, or have listened to one or more of his songs. It is also probable that you know about his adopted daughter Whitney Scott Mather from his ex-wife Kimberley Anne Scott’s relationship with Eric Hartter.

Eric Hartter was shot into the limelight simply because he is the biological father of Whitney Scott Mather. Although he might not be the best of fathers, we cannot deny the fact that he is responsible for bringing Eminem’s beloved daughter into the world.

This article will explore five quick facts about Eric Hartter that will give you insight into his life, career, and relationship with Whitney Scott Mather’s mother.

1. Eric Scott’s background is elusive

When the spotlight is focused on an individual, there is every tendency for the person’s personal life, early life, and family to become public information. But in the case of Eric Hartter, such news is not forthcoming as not much is known about his background. The little information accruing to the public is that he was born sometime in the 1980s to a woman known as Marie Hartter and her husband. The identity of the father remains unknown to date. He is believed to have attained the High School level in his Education.

Meanwhile, Eric Hartter’s mother has cried foul after being denied access to her granddaughter. The woman was present at the time of her birth and held her briefly after she was born. The constant denial made her file a lawsuit against Eminem in 2005.

2. Eric Hartter was a professional tattoo artist

Tattoos have come to stay as many people, especially young millennia and celebrities have used the ink not only as a fashion statement but as a means of expressing themselves and believes. Eric Hartter was one of the individuals that mastered the delicate art of applying this ink to the human body and gained proficiency in it.

He was a popular tattoo artist and that was why some celebrities were among his clientele. This goes a long way to show that he was really good at what he was doing because celebrities always go for the best of everything in order to impress their fans.

3. Eric Hartter dealt on drugs as a side hustle

It is possible that Hartter was a creative person who was probably caught up in the get-rich-quick syndrome that eventually got him involved in crime. He was a well-known drug dealer and was constantly on the run from law officers. His involvement in the illicit trade led to his absence from his daughter’s life including being absent from the hospital when his daughter came into the world.

In addition, he had other criminal records asides from drug dealing such as stealing, resisting arrests, and falsifying documents in order to perpetuate his criminal activities.

4. He dated Kimberley Whitney’s mother after her first divorce

How did Eric Hartter come to be known to Eminem? Not through his drug dealings, we can assure you, although the artist has experimented with drugs at some point in his career. It is all through his ex-wife Kimberley Anne Scott who had been in an on and off relationship with him.

Kimberley Anne Scott is an author and children’s book illustrator who got involved with Eric Hartter after the collapse of her first marriage to Eminem. It is believed that they met each other when she went to get her tattoos as she is a lover of the ink herself.

Recall that Eminem and Kimberley were childhood friends who went on to become a couple. They were married in 1999 and were blessed with a daughter Hailie in 1995. However, they broke up in 2001 as a result of cheating allegations leveled on Kimberley. Soon, after, she began to date Eric Hartter and they welcomed Whitney Scott in April 2002.

However, things went south as a result of his constant run-ins with law enforcement and Kimberley went back to Eminem who welcomed him with open arms. They remarried in 2006 and Eminem adopted her daughter Whitney. Unfortunately, they split once more just after three months of marriage, but Eminem has remained unwavering in his love for his daughter and has also established a cordial relationship with her mother despite their break up.

5. Eric Hartters died from a drug overdose

There is no end to the dangers of drug use. Many have fallen victims to its lure and paid dearly for it with their lives. Eric Hartter became yet another victim on 22nd August 2019 at an abandoned house in Detroit. He was discovered dead by a relation who came to check up on him and saw him unresponsive with no evidence of trauma.

Thus, Whitney lost her biological father, who was never really involved in her. Thankfully, she is fully adapted to the family of Eminem where she has been given all the fatherly love she could get. Moreover, she has gained two siblings; her half-sister Hailie Mathers, and Alaina, the daughter of her mother’s twin sister that was also legally adopted by Eminem.

Nevertheless, Hartter seemed to have love and was loved by people who knew him during his lifetime. One of his friends Mike Armstrong had this to say about him - "People hardly ever see me with this smile on my face. But Eric Hartter always knew how to make me smile."

Eric Hartter Look-Alike

Hartter's look in this particular photo below has been compared with famous rapper Post Malone. Although not many people would agree while others may suggest the image was adjusted to make it look like the artist who is also a tattoo lover. What do you think? do they look alike? You can leave your comment below.


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