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Post Malone Tattoos - Quick Tour and Facts You Must Know

Post Malone Tattoos

Post Malone is an American rapper, record producer, singer and songwriter. Growing up in Grapevine, Texas, with a Disk jockey (DJ) father, Rich Post, who introduced him to different genres of music; country, Hip hop, rock, amongst others, little Malone had a rich musical background. But today, the pop star is known not only for his introspective songwriting and laconic vocal style, but famously acknowledged for his bushy moustache and numerous tattoos, inked on different parts of his body, including his face and inscriptions like the 'Zombified Jesus' which appears weird for many. Even his guitar has tattoos.

Though we have heard people tell the stories behind their tats and the reason they actually got inked: either for the beauty of arts and aesthetics, beautiful memories, pains, and so many untold reasons, we cannot deny the beauty tattoos add when prettily inscribed on the human skin. Hence, we focus on Post Malone tattoos - quick tour and facts you must know about one of the most grossing U.S rappers of our times.

Post Malone Has Over 70 Tattoos

Post Malone was born on July 4, 1995, in Syracuse, New York. His birth name is Austin Richard Post. Pictorial and virtual evidence (Pictures and videos) have shown that when Malone emerged in the American music industry as far back as 2011 when he released his first mixtape, 'Young and After Them Riches' he wore no tattoos.

Even, in 2015 when he eventually released his first album, 'White Iverson', he was still tattoo-free. But, what happened the year after can be better explained as the eighth wonders of the world. As the then 20-year-old fast-rising star went from not just one tat but getting a lot of tattoos, over 70 as recorded in 2020.

The more Post expands his body of works, the more stories he gets to tell through his body-art collections. For instance, over these five years period when he got his first tat, he has dropped three studio albums and about thirty singles, which have received massive air plays, awards and of course, Grammy nominations.

He Has About 14 On Just His Face

Most people love tattoos, but it takes guts to want to ink your face. For the 'Psycho' crooner, he not only got one, lately his face seems to have been taken over by several inscriptions. Indeed, for some, this really looks weird, making him seem too addicted to the ink.

Some of his face tats include: 'a thin sword' drawn on the side of his face, 'ace-of-spades' on his forehead, 'Marshmello's helmet', 'barb wire' just below his fluffy hair, 'stay away' just above his right eyebrow, amongst others. For the 'sword' tat, the singer revealed he had been obsessed with swords since childhood but got one on his face to make his mom mad at him.

Meanwhile, he got the 'ace-of-spades' on the corner of his forehead in Montreal to show his likeness and support for his favorite card game, Blackjack.

Justin Bieber Inspired Malone's First Tattoo 'Playboy Bunny'

Post Malone has revealed that Justin Bieber inspired his first ink, 'Playboy Bunny' which is clearly seen, slightly above his left wrist. He recounts that it was in 2016 when he was with Justin Bieber and recording his second studio album, 'Stoney'. At that moment, a tattoo artist came by and he joked he was tougher than Justin Bieber, he ought to get tattoos like the 'Love Me' singer. Till date, the tattoo has a minor but visible crack it sustained from a basketball duel pitched against Bieber.

He Shares A Favorite Tattoo Artist With Justin Bieber

Besides the fact that he has brotherly chemistry and bromance with fellow musician, Justin Bieber, they both share a favorite tattoo artist, Jonathan 'JonBoy' Valena. The famed tattoo artist is credited to have worked with many celebrities in the past, including Kylie Jenner of the Kardashian sisters and Post Malone, whom he inked 'Nevermind' and 'Whatever' on his palms.

Post Malone Tattoo is Political

Aside from his musical prowess, Post Malone is known for his outspokenness on the political awareness in the U.S. As a proof of this, he got a facial tattoo of John F. Kennedy on his hand, describing him later as "a real one", in his interview on the Breakfast Club.

Accrding to the rapper, the 35th President of the United States of America, J.F.Kennedy, was the only one who actually addressed the ridiculous corrupt practices that go on in the country.

He Got Tattoo of Kurt Cobain

As mentioned earlier, the music artiste grew up listening to different types of music genre of which topmost was a rock. Malone's love for rock is evident in most of his sounds. He once revealed that he would have ended up a guitarist for a rock band. His favourite band is the Nirvana band and as a result, he got a tattoo of their deceased lead singer, Kurt Cobain playing the guitar on his arm.

Countless times, he has confessed his admiration for the band. During his performance for Covid-19 relief, he wore a dress like Kurt Cobain, putting up an impressive tribute for the legendary band.

Also, he got the logo of the English rock band 'Motorhead', on his arm.

He Got An Accidental Tattoo

Like Malone, there are times we change our minds a gizillion times while mking a decision. The story behind Post Malone's Marshmellow helmet, sitting pretty on his face, is one of those. The 'Circle' singer had decided to get a 'smiley face' but in the process, he asked the artist to make little changes like including Xs' for eyes, and incidentally, the tattoos came out as Marshmello's helmet look-alike.

Most of Post Malone's Tattoos Are Tributes

Post Malone has these words "Rest Easy" on eight of his fingers. Even though the artist is yet to clarify which individual these words are dedicated to, just like he has done for J.F. Kennedy and Kurt Cobain, the words itself, tells a story of a eulogy to someone special.

He Admits He May Regret Some of His Tattoos Later

For instance, the barbed wire tattoo on his forehead will look bad and indeed, he'd regret it if he ever goes bald. Also, a couple of tattoos are misconstrued for mythical powers and in line with the dark world, but he never regrets these expensive body-art collections.


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