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Whitney Scott Mathers: Interesting Facts about Eminem’s Daughter

Whitney Scott Mathers is the youngest daughter of popular American rapper  Eminem.  She is the love child of Eminem’s ex-wife Kimberly Scott and her former boyfriend but has been staying under Eminem’s care since she was adopted in 2005. 

Whitney Scott has been mentioned in some of his father’s songs and that's how the world came to know about her.  

Eminem gained custody of Whitney Scott so he could give her a peaceful and loving home to grow up in, and he has not failed in his responsibilities. The Rapper has been praised for being such a loving and caring Dad even though his music may sound angry and violent. 

7 Interesting Facts about Whitney Scott Mathers 

1. She is Eminem’s adopted daughter 

Perhaps the first thing everyone should know about Whitney Scott Mathers is that she is not Eminem’s Biological daughter. She is rather the biological daughter of Eminem’s ex-wife Kim Scott and her boyfriend. 

Eminem and Kim Scott exchanged marriage vows in 1999 but divorced in 2001 when Eminem discovered that she was cheating on him.  A few months later, Kim began to date her new boyfriend, a tattoo artist by the name of Eric Harter and they gave birth to their daughter Whitney Scott, in 2002.

However, the couple were unable to take care of her as Harter got himself involved in crime and was sent to jail and Kim Scott's drug addiction made it impossible for her to take care of her daughter.  Eminem later reunited with Kim Scott in 2006, but the reunion didn't last up to four months before they parted ways again. He, however, adopted Whitney Scott and has been taking care of Whitney ever since. 

2. Whitney’s biological Dad has passed away

Eric Harter, who is the biological father of Whitney Scott Mathers, was involved in crime while he was alive. He had a legal job as a tattoo artist but was also involved in drug trafficking and smuggling. He was always on the run because of his illegal activities and didn't spend much time with his daughter. When the law caught up, him, he was charged and convicted of several drug offences which made him spend some time in prison.

As a result of his volatile nature, the court granted Eminem full custody of Whitney Scott and denied the others access to the child including visitation rights. 

Tragically, Eric Harter died on August 22, 2019, at the age of 40 from an assumed drug overdose. According to, he was discovered dead by his mother, at an abandoned house in Michigan. 

3. Whitney Scott's mother struggled with substance abuse 

Incidentally, Harter wasn't the only drug addict in the family, as his ex-girlfriend and Whitney’s mother Kim Scott, also abused substances. She has been battling her addiction and was arrested in 2002 for the possession of a drug. Kim also had a twin sister, Dawn Scott, who was also a victim of drug addiction. Dawn Scott had to relinquish the custody of her three children, as she was unable to take proper care of them due to her addiction. She passed away in 2016 from heroine overdose at her Michigan home and one of her children Alaina Marie Mathers has been adopted by Eminem as well.

4. Whitney Scott Mathers is all grown up 

Recall when Eminem spoke about Whitney Scott when he adopted her a couple of years back, "I'm in love with that girl, she is so sweet and funny". Well, the girl is not so little anymore as she has already celebrated her 18th birthday. 

Whitney Scott who was born in St Joseph, Missouri in the United States on April 16, 2002, has finished High school and looking forward to her University Education. 

She has grown into a young adult and will soon start a career and we are quite certain that her father will support her in any career of her choosing. 

5. Whitney Scott has other sisters

Whitney Scott was legally adopted in 2005 and thus became the youngest member of the Eminem’s household. She has two sisters, one is Aliana Marie  Mathers and the other is Hailie Jade Mathers. Hailie was born on December 25, 1995, and she is Eminem's only biological daughter. Her mother is Eminem's ex-wife, Kim Scott.  Eminem was still a struggling young man when he first became a father but he worked long hours just to give Hailie the best. The Psychology graduate from Michigan State University was the reason Eminem tried to reunite with her mother but the plan obviously did not work out. He has mentioned her in several of his songs including Hailie' s song and Mockingbird. 

Meanwhile, Aliana Marie is the daughter of Dawn Scott, the twin sister of Kim Scott. She was born on May 3, 1993, and was adopted by Eminem in 2002 because of her mother's issue with drugs. There is a close bond among the girls and Eminem shows no disparity in how he raises them. 

There is no doubt that Eminem is taking his responsibilities very seriously as he doesn't want any of his daughters to experience the kind of troubled childhood that he went through. 

6. Whitney Scott Mathers is Bi-sexual

Whitney Scott has massive followership on Twitter and Instagram since she joined the social networking sites. She began to trend recently when she came out as bisexual on her Instagram page in 2019. She made this known by posting a picture where she was at Harry Styles concert with a caption that indicates that she is bisexual. 

7. Whitney Scott's net worth 

It's unlikely that Whitney Scott has started getting any money of her own as she is still focusing on her Education. However, she must be living a comfortable life with her father's net worth of $210 million, which he has earned over several successful years of making music. There is no doubt that Whitney Scott is living the life of the rich and famous since she joined the Eminem’s family. 


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