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Victoria Secret Models Measurements, Everything you must know

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Victoria Secret Models Measurements

Victoria Secret - the world-famous lingerie brand that is noted for its annual show which features the best models in the industry - has a strict body measurement for its models. The show which ran annually from 1995 to 2018 was cancelled in 2019, but we still reminiscence over the lavish event with its elaborate lingerie costume that never fails to attract celebrities and entertainers.

The popularity of these events and the prestige given to the Victoria Secret Angels has made many young models wish to belong to this beautiful group of women.

We reveal to you, the details of the Victoria Secret model measurements, how it has changed over the years as well as what qualities the Victoria Secrets models need to have to be eligible to feature on the runway including how they are able to maintain their hourglass bodies.

Victoria Secret models body measurements

Before we go into the Victoria secret models body measurements, we want to draw your attention to one basic fact about these models and that is, most of them are tall and slim. Yes, one of the basic things to have to become a Victoria Secret model is to have the desired height of between 5ft 8 inches to 6ft. Anything below this range is off the table. This is one of the major determinants to becoming a Victoria Secret model.

Moreover, every Victoria Secret would-be model is expected to have an hourglass body shape. The perfect body measurement is a 34-inch bust, a 24-inch waist and 34-inch hips.

However, anything close to these figures can be accepted so long as the girl has a beautiful face with other unique requirements in place. That is why we have some not-so-busty models such as Karlie Kloss, Candice Swanepoel and Miranda Kerr, gracing the VS runway.

These body measurements are invariably linked to weight. Although it is not specified by the brand, the average weight of Victoria secret angels is 115 pounds to around 125 pounds. It has been noted that these models are getting skinnier and skinnier with each passing year and the curves are disappearing.

This is buttressed by a study conducted by the Boston University School of Medicine, which observed that the models have thinned down to a size 4 since the past 20 years, a direct contrast to the size of the average American woman which has increased to size 16 and 18. This has brought up the question of what constitutes beauty, and the beauty standards set for these models by the industry.

While it is clear that these body requirements are unattainable by most, yet ladies go out of their way to get these numbers which have led to the spiraling number of cosmetics surgery undergone by women through the years. However, the brand has included women of diverse racial and ethnic group - even if they still have to fit into the required body measurement.

Other Specifications of Victoria Secret Models

We mentioned age as part of our introduction. Of course, modeling is a career one has to go into when the person is really young because a girl in her mid 20's doesn’t stand the chance of becoming a Victoria Secret model. The perfect age that can qualify one to be a VS angel is between 18 and 22. These models must be signed with modeling agencies. Many of them are from two leading agencies - Elite Model Management and Ford Modelling Agency.

Furthermore, a VS model should spot healthy, well-toned skin with healthy luxuriant hair. Their hair is preferably long, and not dyed. They watch what they eat in order to maintain their shape, including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet. However, some of them also take a couple of food supplements to boost their vitamin and mineral intake because they are really important for the luster in their hair, skin, and nails.

Victoria Secret Models Workout/Exercise

In addition, these models indulge actively in exercise under personal trainers. These include body sculpturing exercises to make their skin toned and firm. Lunges, squats and deadlifts and crunches are perfect for maintaining lean legs, a firm butt and a flat tummy. Granted there is a great deal of touch-up before the model is fit for the runway, but VS models still needs to maintain clean, fresh skin for them to come out beautifully.

Grooming forms a part of the package too

Ok, you’ve met all the body measurement specs, you’ve got the abs and your hair and skin is top-notch, but what about your grooming? Remember that these Victoria Secret models are the face of the brand and they would want them to represent the brand well therefore you have to take note of your manners if you aspire to be a VS angel.

You have to be polite, courteous and have a good professional relationship. You should also be confident and feel good about yourself. One other very important aspect of these models is their walk. So be sure that you practice your catwalk tons of times until you are perfect.

Remember that apart from your body and your beautiful costume; it’s your walk that matters, so work hard at it if you want to attain the standard of a Victoria Secret model.


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