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How tall is Addison Rae? Quick Look into her life

How tall is Addison Rae?

How tall Addison Rae is has become one of the media's obsessions about this newfound eye-catching social media influencer. Rae is one of the many Americans that became popular through Tik Tok, the lip-synching app where she has over 79 million followers. She is equally a Youtuber and Instagram influencer, but her biggest claim to fame is easily traceable to Tik Tok.

The 20-year-old topped the list of the highest-paid Tik Tok stars in a recent estimate carried out by Forbes over a 12 months period that ended in June 2020. The survey placed her ahead of Charli D’Amelio who has nearly 77 million followers. This is a great feat for the star that joined the platform barely two years ago.

From her parents to her career, relationship, height and more, here is everything you need to know about Addison Rae.

Addison Rae was born and raised in Lafayette Louisiana, on October 6th 2000. Her parents Sheri Easterling and Monty Lopez are both Tik Tok celebrities as well and often collaborate with her on her videos. They are completely supportive of her (It was actually a video of Addison Rae and her Mum Sheri Easterling that turned out to be her breakout video) and have also created their own account. Seeing them now, it’s hard to believe that the couple divorced when Addison was still in her childhood but later reconciled and remarried in 2017.

As for siblings, Addison Rae has two brothers, Lucas and Enzo who also have their own Tik Tok accounts although they are not as popular as their sister.

How did Addison Rae begin her career?

You know how sometimes you hear something new and want to try it out just for fun then end up staying glued to it? That was what happened to Addison Rae when she first heard about Tik Tok. She confessed that she downloaded Tik Tok as “a kind of joke” in an interview with Hollywire. She downloaded the app in July 2019 after seeing lots of middle scholars using the app and then made a post with a friend. She was pleasantly surprised at the massive likes she got and then kept on posting.

But what really got her into the spotlight was a dance video of Mariah Carey that she did with her mother. The song titled “Obsessed” got the attention of Mariah Carey herself and she liked the video, and that made the video go viral.

Addison Rae had been dancing before Tik Tok

Addison Rae had been going to dance competitions since she was six and used to be a member of the Shreveport Dance academy. So next time you watch her dance videos and wish that you could dance like that, remember that she went through some professional training to get some of those dance moves.

Addison Rae's Management Agency

Addison Rae and her parents know the importance of sticking together since they are doing similar things and that perhaps is what informed their decision to be managed by the same modeling agency, the WME, which is in charge of building their brand and other corresponding functions.

Addison Rae is a Tik Tok made millionaire

What could be more fulfilling than making money from something you love doing? Addison Rae is making some big bucks and is already a millionaire courtesy of Tik Tok.

She makes about $14,500 on each sponsored post on her page and has landed some juicy endorsement deals. This includes deals from sneaker juggernaut Reebok, Watch Company Daniel Wellington, American eagle and Spotify. She also sells merchandise such as hoodies and T-shirts and has also gone into the Beauty industry with her makeup products, Item Beauty featuring mascara, brightening powder, bronzer etc. The combination of these income sources has brought her net worth up to about $3 million according to a recent Forbes estimate.

She is very close to Kourtney Kardashian

Don’t be surprised to see Addison Rae hanging out with the Kardashians because she is actually a very good friend of Kourtney Kardashian. The duo has loads of fun doing videos together as Rae's fame continues to skyrocket in the midst of the Kardashians as she is inspired by the bond they share.

Who is Addison Rae dating?

Addison Rae and Bryce Hall are good friends no doubt as they are often seen together in Tik Tok collabos. They have dated before but then broke up while remaining friends. However, it seems that the pair are back together according to a recent YouTube video which stated that they renewed their relationship on October 13, 2020.

Does Addison Rae stay in the Hype house?

While Addison Rae is a member of the Hype house, she doesn’t stay in the house but rather visits to collaborate with other members. She is still a member of the house contrary to rumors and has not left like her friend, Charli D’Amelio. The Hype house was created by Chase Hudson and Thomas Petrou and is all about Tik Tok stars helping each other to succeed.

Addison Rae hosts a podcast with her Mum

Addison Rae has a very close relationship with her mom as evident from her podcast “Mama knows best” which debuted on Spotify in July 2020. It is hosted by Rae and her mom here Nicole and it probes in details their relationship as well as talks about her life interlaced with words of wisdom.

She hopes to become an actress

Just in case you don’t know, Addison Rae has got her eyes on the big screen and we are rooting for her. Being famous on Tik Tok won’t hurt at all as she pursues her dream. The Tik Tok celeb is all out for it and is already pursuing it by going on auditions. Hopefully, something will work out real soon so that we can check out her acting skills.

How Tall is Addison Rae?

Now to the big question: how tall is Addison Rae. Standing at a height of 5ft 6 inches and weighs 55kg (121 lbs), Rae sure is a beauty with a curvaceous body with a measurement of 37-34-36.

The Kid Laroi wrote a song about Rae

The Kid Laroi was inspired to write a song about her. The song titled “Addison Rae” quickly went viral especially with the influence of the Tik Tok star. It garnered millions of view on YouTube even though it was unfinished and Rae and her Mom have added to its popularity by promising to dance in the video. The publicity and success of the track propelled The Kid Laroi to get back to the studio and complete the track.


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