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Best Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend that She Will Love

Men are moved by what they see and women, by what they hear, thus relationship experts have stated that cute names have positive effects on relationships. Most especially, the cute names to call your girlfriend. As a result, this article focuses on the best cute names to call your girlfriend that she will love you. Babe This nickname has its origin from the word 'Baby'. In a modern-day relationship, young couples have coined 'Babe' as one of the cute names for girlfriends. This is actually one of the most common cute names we hear in relationships, especially amongst female friends. It is important to mention that, some ladies address their men as 'Babe', customarily, it does not go beyond the female gender, when compared to other cute names that may still sound cool when interchanged to the other gender.

Most people have considered the name not only cute but a reference that the person addressed is gentle and calm.

Mi Amor (my love) Coined from Spanish telenovelas' and series, these days, we often hear couples refer to themselves in this light. While many people may tend to do the same just to follow the trend, there are others who take it to heart as the root word suggest. It is one of the cute names that ignites affection and automatically puts the other half in a lovey-dovey mood.

Cutie pie By this, we do not mean the song Cutie Pie, performed in the 80s by One Way. Since we are discussing cute names your girlfriend will love, perhaps playing the oldie song for her will make it even more romantic. Cutie pie is mostly used to let her know how cute, beautiful and amazing they are.

Sugar Sugar is known to bring sweetness in all ramifications. Thus, when you refer to a girl as 'sugar' you are simply letting her know how important she is to you and the sweetness she brings into your life. Life can be full of ups and downs, bitter-sweet moments and not so proud memories. But, nothing beats the fact that a tired man, considers someone the sugar and sweetness in his life. So, if he calls you sugar, try to be his sugar and not the opposite.

Sweetheart A plethora of researches has revealed that most couples and partners are bound to address each other by this particular cute name because they consider it one of the cutest things to do. Imagine calling your girlfriend 'my sweetheart' in the midst of your friends? You can tell how magical and electrifying it sounds from her smiles, behavioural pattern and ability to impress not just you, but to show your friends, how sweet her heart is, and the sweet stuff she is made of.


Have you seen or witness the real effect of calling your girlfriend or partner cute names? Darling some cliche but it is one of the most endearing and affectionate in several circumstances. For example, there have been cases where couples were engaged in heated arguments and quarrels over disturbing rumors that were hell bent on crashing their relationships. The use of actual names in these arguments might only wane the love further and place the couple at a disadvantaged strangers zone. So, what about saying, "Darling, where did you get this information from?" Instead of "Tricia, where did you get this information from?" The two words sound and make a lot of difference doesn't it?.

My precious For one to be addressed as "my precious" it means the man cherishes you, not just as his girlfriend, but as a priceless jewel, precious stones or inestimable treasure in his life. We have seen that names are not just given, since, it has been attested that carving nicknames and pet names for loved ones is sometimes challenging, hence, the essence and importance of these names, when given. Honey In the 21st century, this particular cute name has become cliché. Though it appears to be quite obsolete and old-fashioned, words on the streets have shown that it is still very popular. Some persons have said that they seldomly make use of 'honey', even when they do, exceptionally, it is in the context of asking their partners for favours or pleas to help out in something. For example, "Honey, please pass me the remote control", "Honey, how about the PES5 you promised to get me?".

Angel "I thank the heavens for sending you to my life, indeed, you are the angel of my life". The aforementioned statement goes to show how unique and important the lady, in particular, will feel towards you. Though not many people are fond of nicknaming their girlfriend angel, since it is used mostly for descriptive and appreciative purposes, we can't take it off our list of best cute names to call your girlfriend that she will love you more.

My Pumpkin

Pumpkin used to be a mere domesticated plant, found around our houses in small gardens until it found its way into the list of cute names to call your girlfriend that she will love you. This is because, in recent times, we have seen partners address each other as "my pumpkin" and one begin to wonder when and how they relegated the apple that was found in lovebirds eyes. Notwithstanding, it is one of the cute names that when called, it puts a smile on the face of your girlfriend. Try it today!

Other cute names to call Your girlfriend

Love Beautiful Princess Buttercup Dreamgirl Lovebug Sunshine Boo Sweetie Love of my life Stud-muffin Dearest Lovey dovey My beloved Sugarpie Sugarplum Other half Honey butter biscuit Sugar snap pea Sweetie honey pie My dear Apple of my eye My one and only Nutter butter Honey bunches Sweet pea Shug Beloved Cutie patootie Doll Hon’ Peach Snookums Sweets Toots Queen



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