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Truman Theodore Hanks: Things to know about Tom Hank’s son

Truman Theodore Hanks

It is said that some are born into fame, while others achieve fame by dint of hard work. Truman Theodore Hank, the youngest son of revered American actor Tom Hank and his wife Rita Wilson is one of those lucky people born into fame ( and might I add fortune) in one of the most successful Hollywood families.

Truman Hanks had a pleasurable upbringing because his father had already become popular by the time he was born. He attended prestigious schools and has been enjoying his parent’s wealth. Although he is now 25, there is not much information on him as he has managed to keep a low profile.

However, we have some key information about him and we are sure you would like to know about them.

1. Truman Theodore Hanks is the baby of the family

Truman was born into the prestigious Hank Family on 26 December 1995 in Los Angeles California. Considering the fact that he is the baby of the house, Truman had an amazing time growing up under his doting parents.

Recall that Truman is the second son of Tom Hanks and his Second wife Rita Wilson. Tom Hank has two step-siblings from his father’s earlier marriage to late actress Samantha Lewes which ended in divorce. He also has a brother Chester, who is five years his senior and together, they grew up in their Dad’s mansion in Hollywood which gave them the opportunity to interact with rich kids in the neighborhood.

Moreover, he attended elite schools including a private boarding school in Ojai Valley near Los Angeles. Afterwards, he proceeded to Stanford and majored in Mathematics. His present interest is in designing figurines and in photography.

2. He is the only non-actor in the family

Unlike his other siblings, Truman is the only one that has not appeared in a movie in the family. His eldest sibling and stepbrother Colin Hanks is a renowned actor, producer and director who is popular for his role in the movies King Kong and the Great Buck Howard. His step-sister Elizabeth Ann Hanks has made appearances I movies such as Forest Gump, while Truman’s brother Chet Hanks, from the same mother, is an actor that has played many roles in movies like Larry Crowne in 2011, Empire in 2015 and Tales in 2017. He is also a singer and one of his famous songs is titled Do It Better.

3. His favorite sport is Ice Hockey

Truman is hugely interested in Ice Hockey, a passion he developed when he was very young. You could see him at hockey game venues when his beloved team – the Los Angeles Kings – is competing. He is sometimes accompanied by his father as they go to cheer their favorite team to victory.

4. His Dad's Career in Hollywood

We probably wouldn’t know about Truman if not for his famous Dad, the Legendary Tom Hanks who took the American movie industry by storm and became one of the highest sorted after superstars. Born on July 9, 1956, in Concord, California, Hanks took interest in theatre during High school. Encouraged by friends’ he joined the drama club of Oakland’s Skyline High School and appeared in a number of plays. He sharpened his talent under the guidance of his drama teacher and later through his association with the Sacramento Civic Theatre. He later moved to New York and made his breakthrough with lead roles in Splash (1984) and Big (1988).

Tom Hanks has starred in several movies and has received several awards including two Academy Award for Best Actor for Philadelphia (1993), and Forrest Grump (1994), Best Actor in a Play for Lucky Guy as well as the AFI Life Achievement Award.

Moreover, Truman’s mother is an Actress as well and has acted alongside his father in the movie Sleepless in Seattle. She has appeared in several movies and TV series afterwards since she appeared in her first movie in the 1970s.

5. Truman Theodore Hanks is quite reserved

You can consider Truman a private person because he is not in the news as often as his siblings. He has not been public about some aspect of his life including his relationships as the details of his love life are unknown for now. Likewise, he is not known to be active on his social media pages and prefers to live without the intrusion of the media.

Truman Hank has enjoyed a lot of privilege in his young life courtesy of his parents’ wealth. His father Tom Hank’s current net worth is estimated to be around $400 million and his mother is well off too. It is therefore safe to assume that Truman will enjoy the support of his parents for as long as he needs it.


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