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Sonya Nicole Hamlin: Things to know about Idris Elba's ex-wife

Though Sonya Nicole Hamlin lives a private life, there are many things to know about Idris Elba's ex-wife. As a matter of fact,  little or nothing was known about Sonya Nicole Hamlin prior to her brief marriage in 2006 to popular Hollywood, British actor and sex symbol, Idris Elba.

Sonya Nicole Hamlin was born in Maryland

Due to the absence of much information on Sonya Nicole Hamlin, not many people are aware that the American beauty was born in Maryland, United States in 1974. Sonya grew up with aspirations and dreams to be successful in one of the noble professions like every other kid in her generation. From a young age, it is reported that Sonya Hamlin's family shuffled between the United Kingdom and the United States. This goes to show in her formative years, where she lived in Maryland, Notting Hill in London and will go further to study in the two countries at a different phase in her life. 

She Studied Law

Aside from her estranged marriage to her former husband, Idris Elba, Sonya Hamlin is popularly regarded as a scholar well-versed in property law. The 46-years-old renowned solicitor and real estate expert is an alma mater of Washington and London schools of law, where she graduated in flying colours. Currently, Sonya Hamlin practices her career in the United States.

Relationship with Idris Elba?

The ex-couple were introduced to each other by a mutual friend, who happened to be Idris Elba's manager in 2005. At that point, it was gathered that the English actor, was going through emotional trauma, having just gotten off a relationship with Desiree Newberry, his love interest after divorcing Hanne Norgaard. Meanwhile, for Sonya Hamlin, it was gathered she was at a new chapter in her career, blossoming to the heights where she was overseeing over eight hardworking and loyal employees in her own law firm, and it was at this point she met a broken Idris in Maryland and they decided to give love a chance and begin their own chapter.

Marriage with Idris Elba

A few months after the pair started seeing each other, it was so crystal clear to onlookers that something was springing up between these two, as they were spotted by paparazzi in different locations including attending boxing matches. Later, Sonya Hamlin moved into Idris Elba's house in Maryland and things started taking shape for the lovebirds. Thus, it did not come much as a surprise that they couple who had gone to watch a boxing match between boxing heavyweight, Floyd Mayweather Jnr and Zab Judah in Vegas, decided to tie the nuptial knot in their hotel after the match. Now, you know what was weird about this whole marriage saga? The couple had not planned it all out. In fact, it was confirmed that Idris Elba had purchased the diamond ring from the jewelry store there at their lodged hotel in Vegas. As fervent fans of the boxing sports, the couple had initially flown to Las Vegas to see the match, only to wake up the next day on April 9, 2006, as a happily married husband and wife.

She has a Soft Spot for Boxing and Chocolates

As previously mentioned, Sonya Hamlin has a penchant for watching the weight-ins of the boxing sport. As well, one of her greatest weakness is chocolate as she is fond of the candy and can hardly say NO when offered as a kind gesture.

Shared Similarities with Ex-husband

When the ex-couple were together, it was public knowledge that they both loved  from the fact that they both enjoyed watching boxing as they were spotted attending top notch boxing matches around the rings. Though, Sonya admitted to have more commonalities with her former husband, whom have remained close friends ever since they both went their separate ways. One of such is, they both enjoy cooking, which they both confessed to love every part of preparing sumptuous delicacies while they were together.   Also, Sonya Hamlin is a music lover and Idris aside from being a legendary onscreen god, happens to be a music producer and DJ. They have also granted interviews in the past where it was stated categorically or rather, they emphasized the love they have for their respective families and how they struggled to make it in their respective professions. Thus, their coming together, before its unfortunate crossroad, seemed like a perfect match made in heaven.  It is important to state that, the couples only made their status known to their families and friends after they had legally married in their hotel room. However, they tried to keep this away from the public, as they jet out to honeymoon in Jamaica. But, somehow, it got leaked and here we have it.

Career Affected her Relationship with Elba

When the story of her break-up to Idris Elba began to make the rounds of media outlets, one thing was repeatedly reported in the media, How will this affect their careers? For Idris, he was getting more roles and was already dubbed a sex symbol in the entertainment industry. Meanwhile, on the other hand, his rise in fame and tight schedules was a difficult a pill to swallow for his woman, whom seems not to be getting much of his needed attention. On her own path, she was bent on staying in Nevada to continue her flourishing career as against moving to Los Angeles to be with Idris and this punctured their newly wedded status within months of tying the nuptial knot. In a nutshell, we can say, the ex-couples put their careers first, before their marital life.

Divorce Preceding was Complicated

When they decided to part ways due to strains in relationship and differing plans and goals, the media was agog, probably due to the short stint of their union. As a matter of fact, the couple were not even up to a year in their marital union. What became a bone in the neck was that, Las Vegas has a law that prohibits any law court to dissolve a marriage that is not up to a year old. So, in this case, just barely seven weeks of exchanging vows, Sonya hijacked the case as an expert in legal cases, taking it to Nevada where her counsel was able to argue her case of been drunk on the day she accepted the terms of getting married to Idris. It was that crazy.


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