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Who is Arik Weinstein? Quick Facts About Bar Refaeli Ex-Husband

Updated: May 16, 2022

Arik Weinstein

Arik Weinstein is known for being the ex-spouse of Bar Refaeli, a model who hails from Israel. She is not only a model but a Lady of multiple talents; a businesswoman, an actress, and a television host. Although she is currently the wife of Adi Ezra (since 2018), she was formerly married to Arik Weinstein before their divorce a couple of years ago.

Bar's ex-husband, Arik Weinstein is one of the known personalities and he grabbed the public’s attention when he was married to the star actress. Even though Weinstein and Refaeli are no longer together, her complete life story would never be told without having a mention of Weinstein.

What more do you know about Arik Weinstein? Read on to find out about his biography career, and what he has been doing since Bar separated from him;

Biography and Early Life

Arik Weinstein was born in the 1980s, in Isreal and raised in the United States of America. Arik's father's name is Reuven Weinstein, and detail about his mother and siblings are off the limelight.

Weinstein wanted to become a successful writer, an interest that he had in mind since childhood. He nursed his desires while working towards actualizing his potential. Today, Arik Weinstein is a proud author of many publications, he is also a multimillionaire aircraft mechanic by profession.

Brief Summary of Profile

Birth Name: Arik Weinstein

Birth Place: Israel

Birth Sign: Cancer

Father: Reuven Weinstein

Spouse: Bar Refaeli (Ex-wife)

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: White

Nationality: Israeli-American

Net Worth: $15 million

Children: Etay Weinstein (Son) and Dana Weinstein Zdroyl

How Long Did Arik Weinstein and Bar Refaeli's Marriage Lasted?

Arik Weinstein was once married to Bar Refaeli, an utterly beautiful TV host and Israeli model. The two ex-couples got together through their family; who were close friends. The pair exchanged marital vows in 2003 when Refaeli was only 17 years old.

Sadly, the union didn’t last long as they got divorced barely 2 years into the marriage.

There were also a few rumors saying that the model married Arik to avoid army service in Israel's Defence force as it was a compulsion for anyone above 18 years of age to be part of the army. It may not be 100% accurate, but many opines that is it so due to the circumstances surrounding their failed marriage. Arik Weinstein’s ex-wife was also said to be seeing Leonardo DiCaprio whom she dated on and off for over five years. As of the time of this report, Refaeli is married to Adi Ezra.

Arik Weinstein's Career and Social Media Presence

Arik Weinstein is a professional aircraft mechanic who began his career between 1998 to 2000. As time went on, he progressed from strength to strength and started giving out his services internationally in 2012. Besides that, he is also a famous author and has published many best-selling books to date. One of his award-winning books is a publication titled "The Untold Story." If you are a passionate book reader, then you can search for it in different online stores.

Arik is very active on social media and posts photos regularly. Due to his relationship and dating rumors with many women, people are anxious to know more about him. There are more than two thousand followers of him on Instagram while he has around three thousand followers on his Twitter account. He is also active on Facebook.

Arik Weinstein Moved on After His First Marriage Ended

During Arik's marriage with Bar Refaeli, the couple did not have any kids. Fortunately, after their separation, Arik married someone else whose identity is still unknown and they have, so far, birthed two children, a daughter named Dana Weinstein Zdroyevski and a son named Etay Weinstein.

On the other hand, Bar Refaeli dated Leonardo DiCaprio till 2011 when they separated for good. One year later, she met an Israeli Businessman, Adi Ezra, whom she finally married in 2015. Since then, Ezra and Refaeli have been blessed with three children.

Arik Weinstein's Net Worth and Earnings

Arik Weinstein’s net worth is roughly calculated to be over $15 million. Much of his wealth is accumulated from his prosperous career as an aircraft mechanic. Arik’s ex-wife Bar Refaeli has a net wealth of about $25 million. Some sources hinted that a successful aircraft mechanic earns impressive pay ranging between $72,918 to $94,312. Aggregating such an amount annually, it’s not a big surprise that Arik Weinstein's net worth is highly substantial.

The multi-millionaire is an owner of a luxurious Rolls Royce. The car has a cost price starting from $311,900. He shares photos of his lifestyle which includes travels, trips on the yacht, and a private jet, all of which are an indication of a luxury lifestyle.


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