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Curse of Oak Island's Vanessa Lucido Bio, Family, Facts

Updated: May 27, 2022

Vanessa Lucido

Vanessa Lucido is an American businesswoman who is successfully heading ROC Equipment, the drilling company that was founded by her father, Lou Lucido.

Vanessa Lucido's family has long been in the drilling business. She and her brothers have also become involved in the heavy equipment business. Likewise, she has an aunt who owns a blasting company.

She learned the ropes from her father's former company, Becho Inc, however, she has surpassed the achievements of her father. She is remarkable on many fronts, in that she has taken the company to greater heights and has grown it to a multimillion-dollar company under her watch, in addition to owning a thriving toy business.

She has also partnered with the Lagina brothers, Ricky and Marty who are excavating Borehole 8 in their effort to uncover the treasures of Oak Island, Nova Scotia. Their search for treasure is being documented in the reality TV show, The Curse of Oak Island, which is in its 9th season currently and is showing on the History Channel.

Vanessa Lucido Biography

Vanessa Lucido was born in New York City to her father Lou Lucido and mother, Elizabeth Lou Lucido, in 1990 and is the only daughter of her parents. She has two brothers, Anthony Lucido and Rusty James Lucido. Her mother was a member of the 2002 Lake City Olympic Committee.

Meanwhile, Vanessa Lucido and her brothers grew up on a ranch that their father bought when she was four years old. Therefore she became used to horses at the ranch and drill rigs at her father's business. Her hobbies are horse riding and long-distance relay races.

Vanessa Lucido's Education and Career

Vanessa Lucido has a B.A in Humanities, Business, Management, Marketing and Related Support Services from the University of Utah. She also got an MBA in 2016.

Moving on to her career, she joined her father's company, Becho Inc, as a safety director in 2008. However, her father sold the company in 2011 and founded ROC. Vanessa then worked at Vml Consulting L.L.C as a safety consultant for a year.

However, when her father died from an industry-related accident in 2012, she took on the job of the CEO of ROC. Her father had already told his children that whoever got a degree first would take over from him as the CEO of the family. As Vanessa already has a B. A and MBA, she was chosen to fill the void created by the death of the family patriarch.

Lucido took up the mantle of the leadership of ROC at the age of 26 but she already had the expertise for the task of looking after the company. She has thus far achieved so much as the CEO even though she is in a principally male-dominated field and has equally earned the respect and admiration of her workers through her hard work and multitasking ability.

Lucido's brothers who are also in the drilling business have words of praise for her. Her older brother Rusty has defined her as an overachiever with a magnetic personality who doesn't know how to fail.

Vanessa Lucido

Moreover, Vanessa Lucido offers her wealth of experience to others as a safety consultant. She is a member of different organizations including the DFI's Women in Deep Foundation Committee. She is similarly a member of ADSC/NCCCO Drill Rig Task Force as well as a member and exhibitor at events for ASCE, DFI, and ADSC.

Is Vanessa Lucido Married?

Vanessa Lucido's marital status is not certain. There is no clue that she is married, or dating anyone. Nonetheless, she has a beautiful daughter but her details such as name and date of birth have been hidden from the public.

Is Vanessa Lucido on social media?

Lucido has not joined any of the social media sites. However, her company, ROC Equipment is on Instagram @rocequipment where some of their heavy-duty machinery and works are posted.

Vanessa Lucido and The Curse of Oak Island

Vanessa Lucido's DBE-certified company, ROC equipment, has provided the equipment for the Curse of Oak Island project which has presently concluded its season 9.

The ROC CEO has had a cordial relationship with Ricky and Marty Lagina since their collaborative effort at the treasure hunt in Oak Island. Some people erroneously think that they are her brothers but that is not true.

Furthermore, Vanessa Lucido appeared on season 6 of the show and many will remember her as the pretty blonde in a hard hat. Of course, the treasure is yet to be found but the Lagina brothers are on a hot trail and may soon uncover the much sought-after money pit.

There is mounting excitement as the treasure hunters find more clues that they are getting closer to the end of their search. One of such is the discovery of a massive ship hiding in the swamp, which suggests that it might not be long before they hit payday. Hopefully, their efforts will be rewarded in season 10 of The Curse of Oak Island.


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