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Lilianet Solares – About Chris Tamburrello’s wife, Quick Facts

Lilianet Solares

Chris “CT” Tamburello is well known to MTV viewers because of his many years on the reality show, "The Challenge", where he has earned a reputation as a fierce competitor that has won a lot of money from the show. He has also displayed an emotional side with his romantic involvements especially with his beautiful wife Lilianet Solares.

There is so much attention on Chris Tamburello due to his immense popularity among fans, but little is known about his wife.

Who is Lilianet Solares?

Lilianet Solares was born in Cuba in 1991 and spent most of her childhood in Miami. She and CT Tamburello met in Southern Florida but there are no records of when she and her family moved to the United States. Likewise, there are no further details about her education or childhood.

However, she has worked as a model prior to meeting Chris Tamburello. A couple of photos of her days as a model exist but it is unclear if she continued her career after meeting her husband.

Chris Tamburello and Solares are proud parents of a son Christopher “CJ” Tamburello Jr, who was born in 2016. The couple disclosed this information in 2017 but his exact date of birth has not been made public.

Lilianet Solares and Chris Tamburello’s wedding was shown on MTV

There was a general feeling of excitement among fans as they watched Chris Tamburello tie the knot with his beloved Lilianet Solares, in a wedding ceremony broadcast on MTV in December 2018. But the interesting thing was that the couple previously had a courthouse ceremony four months back.

The court wedding took place in Coral Gables on May 31, 2018, based on records from the Miami-Dade County Clerk of Courts according to Heavy. The information further disclosed that Lilianet Solares and Chris Tamburello have an age gap of 11 years between them.

The couple met in Southern Florida in 2015 after Tamburello moved to Massachusetts in pursuit of a real estate venture. He had taken a break from MTV after the death of his girlfriend and MTV castmate, Diem Brown, who passed away in 2014 after suffering from cancer.

Meanwhile, Solares' big wedding which was documented on the Challenge: CT’s Getting Married was held amid the threat of rain. It took place during Florida’s hurricane-prone period of September, but the weather turned out favorable throughout the event.

A little drama, also, played out at the occasion since Lilianet Solares and CT’s immediate families were not on good terms at that time. Tamburello and his Challenge castmates were reprimanded by the bride because they had gone out for a bachelor party and were loud when they came back to the house.

After all, was said and done, the wedding went smoothly and also featured their son, Christopher Tamburello Jr, who was two years old at the time of the event.

Lilianet Solares height

Solares stands at a height of 5 ft 6 inches. There is no available information on her body statistics or weight, but as can be seen in the photos she shares on social media, she maintains a healthy weight. The beautiful mother of one is a fan of tattoos and has the ink on both hands.

Divorce Rumors

Lilianet Solares doesn’t crave the attention of the media and it’s something her husband appreciates. Likewise, she is upset when people speculate on her relationship because of her desire for privacy and has specifically asked fans to mind their business in her Instagram story.

Nevertheless, it was revealed that the couple separated in 2020. According to a preview video clip from The Challenge: Double Agents, CT Tamburello said “The last few seasons, I wasn’t in the best place mentally, marriage was not going well. We’re separated”.

He mentioned that he has been evading the problems for a long time. He said that his problem had finally caught up with him and he couldn’t lie to himself anymore. CT appeared without his wedding ring at The Challenge: Double Agents’ reunion special. Also, he didn’t mention any plans about spending the money on his wife but has plans for his son and his real estate business.

The reality tv star has attained up to $400,000 in net worth according to Celebrity Net worth and won over $500,000 in his over 20 years of participation in the reality show. He has also turned to real estate investments and is pursuing an acting career. He was featured in the horror movie, "Habitual" which he also produced.


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