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Howard Krein - Things You Must know About Ashley Biden's Husband

On May 12, 2012, Howard Krein got married to Ashley Biden, daughter of the then vice president of the United States, and by that union, he automatically became an extension of the Biden family.

Most people will agree that political interest and participation equates with the public interest, whether the individual likes it or not. So, it is not surprising for people to be interested in running a background check and data on a political candidate, down to his family roots and association. In this search to know more about the Joe Biden family, this article discusses New Jersey-born medical doctor, Howard Krein and the things you must know about the son-in-law of the president-elect of the United States.

Things You Must Know About Ashley Biden's Husband

What Does Howard Krein Do?

Howard Krein seems to be a hardworking and resourceful person. He is an American otolaryngologist, plastic surgeon, cum businessman. He has been active in the health sector since the year 2000 when he graduated from medical school at Thomas Jefferson University.

Over the years Krein has worked in respective departments in the U.S. health sector; both public and private. Also, in these periods, he has been charged with leadership responsibilities such as; working as an assistant professor of otolaryngology at Thomas Jefferson University, a position he assumed since 2007, a volunteer at the International Hospital for Children, volunteer of the Faces of Honor, where he treats war veterans from Iraq, Afghanistan and victims of domestic violence, served as the Senior Director of Health Policy and Innovation at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, served as a member of the Biden Cancer Initiative's board of directors from 2017 to 2019, and more recently, acted as an adviser to the Joe Biden 2020 presidential campaign on COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to mention his role as the chief medical officer at StartUp Health, a venture capital and health technology firm, amongst others.

He also manages his own business as the executive and a founding partner and co-director of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital's Facial Aesthetic and Reconstructive Center. Also, Howard Krein is a founding partner and co-director of the hospital's Herbert Kean Center for Facial Aesthetics.

How He and Ashley Biden Met

There is a popular opinion that most guys do not appreciate or encourage their friends to have a relationship with their sisters. Anyway, this particular situation goes contrary to that belief, because it was Joseph Beau Biden who played the role of matchmaker between his baby sister, Ashley Biden and Howard Krein. The pair first met at a ball in 2010, where her now late brother, Joseph Beau introduced her to a smiling Howard Krein.

They exchange pleasantries and in a few weeks their chit-chats got serious and of course, they started dating. Two years later, they tied the knot at an interfaith marital ceremony at the St. Joseph's of the Brandywine in Greenville, Delaware. Their marital vows was both of Catholic and Jewish tradition, recited in the presence of officiating ministers; Father David F. Murphy and Rabbi Joseph Forman. This is because Howard Krein is Jewish and Ashley Biden is Catholic.

Howard Krein is A Private Person

Aside from when he is been showered praises for his achievements and giant strides, relating to successful surgeries, Howard Krein is hardly in the news. This is because he is a private person who loves to maintain a low profile and does not fancy the glamour and attention shown to public figures like his wife and her family.

Prior to his wedding to Ashley in 2012, it was reported that he pleaded to the press to abstain from revealing details pertaining to preparations for his forthcoming wedding, maintaining that the couple wanted to be surprised by all these on that day.

Krein was born into a Jewish family and grew up in Cherry Hill as the son of Stanley Krein and Brenda Ferne. His father was an insurance executive and former director of marketing at Aetna, while his mother worked as a physician assistant in cardiology at Cooper University Hospital.

He is Loved By Many

Take him away from the confines of his dearest Ashley, Howard is cherished outside his home and beyond the shores of America for his hard work, repute, kindness, care, compassion and love. On one of those occasions his name came up in the news, he was praised for saving the life of a young island boy at Jefferson Hospital from Belize. Howard had successfully carried out a successful surgery on the kid, that removed a huge tumor from his brain.

His impacts have been felt, everywhere he goes and has been described as one of the smartest doctors in the states by his superiors and principals.

A former President of the Thomas Jefferson University, Robert Barchi, described Krein as 'an outstanding physician and a wonderful teacher.' Even, there are a plethora of testimonies by some of his patients who came across the fine gentleman. One of them stated that 'the best thing about losing my hearing is having Dr Krein as a doctor.'

He is A Democrat

In most of his profiles found on the internet today, Howard Krein is identified as a registered democrat. Whether he became a registered Democrat prior to his encounter with the Biden's or after, remains unclear. But, his loyalty for the democrats for years has shown clearly that he is in line with their views and ideology.

In 2011, Howard Krein worked as an advisor to the Obama Administration on health challenges. Even though he has stated occasionally that, he does not have a formal role in the Biden campaign but a mere advisor to the team due to his experience treating patients and coordinating at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, during the outbreak of the pandemic. His continuous involvement with the campaigns of Joe Biden towards the White House has gone further to show where his loyalty lies.


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