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Rhonda Worthey –Things to know about Troy Aikman’s ex-wife

Rhonda Worthey

Rhonda Worthey is an American commentator, Publicist and Reality TV personality. She is popularly known as the ex-wife of Troy Aikman, the retired professional football player and college football hall of fame member who spent his entire career at the Dallas Cowboy.

Rhonda Worthey was married to the famous football quarterback from 2000-2011 until their divorce. She has moved on and has involved herself in her career while her ex-husband has remarried.

Rhonda Worthey – Early Life

Rhonda Worthey is a Texas-born American woman. She came into the world on May 2, 1970. There is almost no information concerning her childhood, Education or family. However, we know that she has a daughter from a previous marriage although details of the daughter and the marriage have eluded the media.

Professional Life

Rhonda Worthey holds a degree in Public relations and worked as a publicist at the Dallas Cowboys where she met her future husband. She had also worked as a commentator for the Fox News Network.

Moreover, Rhonda was rumored to be among the cast of Real Housewives of Dallas before its debut. But it turned out to be false because she didn’t feature in the series when it was eventually aired after years of delay, with some people speculating that her absence in the production was due to the delay.

Rhonda Worthey- Public Scandal

Rhonda Worthey was in the news for the wrong reasons in 2012, when she faced charges of violating public peace by being publicly intoxicated in a high school park.

TMZ reported that she concealed liquid that was suspected to be alcohol in two water bottles. Fortunately, she was discharged same day after she pleaded no contest in exchange for a 30 day probation period. It was also reported that she parted with $269 in the bail bond.

Marriage and Divorce

Worthey got a job as a publicist for the Dallas Cowboys and that was where she met her husband Troy Aikman who was previously in a relationship with singer Lorrie Morgan before meeting Worthey. They began to date and married on April 8, 2000. It was a well-publicized wedding that witnessed a large turnout of family, friends and colleagues.

Aikman adopted her daughter after their wedding and the couple further gave birth to two more girls. The first daughter is Jordan Ashley Aikman born on August 24, 2001, while the second is Alexa Marie Aikman born on July 30, 2002. The couple was together for eleven years before they separated.

The public is unaware of the reason for their divorce but they explained that they would remain devoted to their children. Worthey got full custody of their children as well as a divorce settlement of a $1.5 million home in addition to $1.75 million for child support, according to reports.

Rhonda Worthey

After over five years of being single, Troy Aikman met Catherine “Capa” Mooty, a single mother who owned a mobile boutique. They began to date and got engaged in 2017 and shortly afterwards, they tied the knot in a private ceremony in Santa Barbara California.

Rhonda Worthey’s Net worth

Worthey has worked as a publicist and commentator over the years which mean that she has acquired some substantial wealth over time. This is in addition to the settlement from her divorce which has further added to her finances. According to recent estimates, her net worth is to the tune of $10 million. She owns a house from her divorce settlement and also has several assets all over the country.

Rhonda Worthey- husband’s Career

Troy Aikman spent his entire 12-year illustrious professional career with the Texas Cowboys. He was the first overall pick during the 1989 NFL Draft and assisted his team to three Super Bowl wins. He was an exceptional player who was named the MVP of Super Bowl XXVII.

Likewise, Aikman was inducted into the Pro football hall of fame and the college football hall of fame upon his retirement from active football. He went ahead to become a sportscaster on the Fox Network. Moreover, he used to be a part-owner of the Racing Team, Hall of Fame Racing with a friend and former quarterback for the cowboys, Roger Staubach. He was also a shareholder of the San Diego Padres.

Rhonda Worthey

Rhonda Worthey seems to be focused on her children and career. There is no evidence that she has dated other men since her divorce but has rather focused on her daughters and her career. She still looks pretty at 50 and does not seem to be in a hurry to enter another relationship.


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