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Ren Kennedy: Things Worth Knowing about the Canadian Actress

Ren Kennedy

Ren Kennedy is among the few multi-talented individuals with the ability to do so many things in the entertainment industry. Aside from being an Actress, the Canadian woman is also a singer, screenwriter and director. She is hugely popular for two of her movies, Little Miss Mania and I am Victor and is set to embark on other projects that are expected to attain the same level of success.


Ren Kennedy was born Karen Kennedy in Florida USA. She has managed to keep her date of birth secret although several sources have said that she was born in the 80s. Like so many things about her personal life, the identity of her parents and siblings are not known. However, she hails from Ontario Canada and is of Caucasian ethnicity.

Kennedy fell in love with the performing arts after she delighted the audience with her performance at the age of 8. The interest was sustained throughout her educational pursuit as she never wavered from its pursuit. She attended Richmond senior Secondary school and further graduated from the Vancouver Academy of Music with a major in Opera performance. She has received training from notable instructors such as Tony Alcantar, Eugene Buica and Viv Leacock. More so, Kennedy took part in an intensive two-month Boot camp with the Acting Corps in Los Angeles, California which helped her greatly in her profession.

Ren Kennedy Career

Ron Kennedy kicked off her professional career in Opera and musical theatre. She authored the play I am not a Girl in conjunction with William G. Hubbard, which was showcased at the Vancity culture lab at the cultch, Vancouver, British Columbia. The story follows a certain girl Erica, who was born in the 1970s as she goes through a journey of self-discovery. She went through a cycle of drug use, failed relationships and sexual encounters before finally making a transition from female to male with the support of the mother.

Moreover, Ron Kennedy’s first role on-screen job was Madeleine in The Robbery (2012). Afterwards, she wrote, directed and starred in the movie Little miss Mania in 2013. Furthermore, she starred in the drama, Beyond the Meadow as a supporting character and appeared in other stage dramas such as Larger than Life, Godspell, and Moon Over Buffalo. She is also a member of the prestigious Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA).

Ron Kennedy is busy with other projects that are set to be released in the future including the comedy show Fabulous and sci-fi, Transcendent Realms. Others include Filthy Swine When Autumn Leaves fall and Eternal.

The Canadian also appeared in a TV commercial for Downy Unstoppables In-Wash scent Boosters in 2018.

Is Ron Kennedy married?

Ron Kennedy is assumed to be single since there is no information about her spouse available anywhere on the web. She has a reputation for being very private therefore it would be hard to ascertain whether she is involved with anyone even privately. There is also no history of her previous relationship from any news source. Ron seems to devote her time to making sure that her creative ingenuity grabs the attention of a wider audience. She shares her time mostly between Canada and the US, where she vigorously pursues her career and aspires to win an Oscar sometime in the future.

Body measurement

Ren Kennedy is fit and has a healthy weight that accentuates her tall figure. The actress is 5ft 8 inches (180cm) tall and weighs above 65kg (143 lbs) on the scale. She also has distinctive blonde hair and a pair of blue eyes. The actress looks fit and seems to maintain healthy body weight.

Social media presence

The Canadian actress is available on social media specifically Twitter and Facebook. However, she has not been following up on the pages as there is no evidence of any recent activity/post on these platforms.

Ren Kennedy's Net worth

Ren Kennedy's net worth is estimated to be $3 million, quite a decent fortune from her work. Considering that she has a promising future in the industry, her earning is expected to increase as she continues the work of a screenwriter, actress and director. Her other gigs include being an opera singer.


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