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Meet Melissa Cohen, Hunter Biden's wife from South Africa

Melissa Cohen

On the heels of Joe Biden's Presidential campaign, many revelations continue to unravel of his family and this extends to Melissa Cohen, Hunter Biden's wife from South Africa. The South African beauty happens to be a U.S. citizen by naturalization, simply because, she did not grow up nor lived in the states prior to her divine meeting with would-be America's first son, Robert Hunter Biden.

Melissa Cohen grew up in Johannesburg, where she attended King David High School Victory Park, in Randburg, after which she proceeded to the University of Johannesburg. She did not stop there, as her passion for designs saw her take classes at Randburg’s Greenside College of Design, where she bagged a certification in Interior Design.

Who Are Melissa's Parents?

There have been several reports tracing the roots of Melissa and who raised this smart, intelligent and industrious lady. While some of these accounts may differ; with some pointing that she was from the Jozi family, another says she is of the Transkei and others Xhosa. There is a reoccurring fact from all of these accounts, which agrees that she was raised by adopted parents. One time, the 34-years-old disclosed that she was indeed raised by an isiXhosa woman. Also, in this Jozi family, she was not just the youngest, but also, the only girl of four children, which the couple had welcomed, before her addition.

What Does Melissa Cohen Do?

Before she met Robert Hunter Biden, Melissa Cohen was actively engaged in activism and filmmaking. Her disdain for injustice saw her took to campaigns bothering on social justice issues, environmental protection, abused and endangered animals, mistreated indigenous peoples, workers and refugees. For someone to be involved in clamouring for changes in the aforementioned sectors, one can tell how energetic, passionate and strong-willed these persons can be, and this is who and what Melissa Cohen stands for and is all about. She is also, a co-owner of Tribal Worlds, a company that has helped over the years to promote indigenous conservations. Prior to meeting the Bidens' Melissa was a staunch supporter of former United States President, Barack Obama. She had thrown her weight behind an Obama Presidency and afterwards, became a strong critic of Obama's successor to the White House, President Donald Trump. In one of her works of activism and march against white supremacist at Charlottesville, she called out and hurled slurs at those who had voted President Trump and cited reasons why they should be ashamed of themselves for making bad choices.

How Did She Meet Hunter?

We have seen situations where one become friends with another because that person is a friend or colleague to their own friends. That is exactly how Melissa got to meet Hunter; through a mutual friend. On their first meeting in 2019, she wrote her numbers on his open palm and insisted that he call her and this singular act was the beginning of something special, as it sparked and ignited their love life, leading to marriage just six days after they met.

Why Did They Rush Things Between Them?

There are rare cases of couples walking down the aisle within days of getting to know each other. Hence Melissa and Hunter's case seemed so strange and awkward when it happened. The couple tied the nuptial knot just barely six days after they met for the first time. It was not an engagement party but a straightforward marriage that did not witness their parents' attendance. It was a secret ceremony at Melissa's Los Angeles home on 16 May 2019.

Ever since, questions continue to trail, why the rush? While some reports suggest that both were undergoing tumultuous times off of their previous relationships and needed to fill the void to move on. By this time, Hunter had just ended his relationship with Hallie Olivere, his late brother's widow and it was just a few months after Melissa's split from Rob Mendez, so, the timing was crucial. Another account opinionated that their age factor spurred the rush since Hunter was by this time 50 and Melissa, 33, age was not their friend. There Were Previous Relationships Just like her husband Hunter Biden who was married to Kathleen Buhle from 1993 to 2017, Melissa Cohen was reported to have been married to Jason Landver in 2011. But, before meeting Hunter, she was not married but was in a really intimate relationship for two years with former boyfriend, Rob Mendez; a Malibu real estate developer.

Earlier in March 2020, Hunter and Cohen announced that they had welcomed a son together. It is important to note that her marriage to Hunter made her the stepmother to Naomi, Finnegan, and Maisy, all from Hunter's marriage to Kathleen Buhle. Also, she is a stepmother of Lunden Alexis Roberts child, Baby Doe which the court confirmed is the child of Hunter's after denying the paternity in 2018.

Matching Tattoos

Melissa Cohen and her beloved husband, Hunter Biden share matching tattoo with the inscription "Shalom" which literally means "Peace" in Hebrew. Though Cohen has had hers which can be seen on her bicep, much longer even before she met Hunter, the latter is

known to have inked his when he met her as a sign of his approval of their shared love.

Her Husband And Former Partner Adores Her

Melissa Cohen is lucky to have found love in the heart of a man who sees her as everything. Robert Hunter Biden has been involved in about two or three past relationships and affairs, but he admits Melissa Cohen changed every bit of him positively. In his words, “I instantly fell in love with her. And then I’ve fallen in love with her more every day.” His inking of a matching tattoo "Shalom" is yet, another proof of his admiration for her. Meanwhile, her former partner, Rob Mendez seems not to have gotten over her as he admits he still misses her and loved the way she turned their house around and creating good eating habits for his kids. He insists they parted ways amicably as they both wanted different things at that point in time.


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