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Martha Maccallum- 5 things to know about the News Host

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Martha Maccallum

Martha Maccallum is the host of The Story with Martha Maccallum on the Fox News network. Since joining the network in 2004, Maccallum has drawn a wide reach of admirers for her insightful and probing interviews. The story with Martha Maccallum according to Fox News we page, “focuses on the issues that are most important to Americans with insight from top newsmakers and analysts”.

Moreover, Maccallum has interviewed many political figures including President Barack Obama, President Trump, Republican Presidential Nominee John McCain, First Lady Laura Bush, and other prominent people.

The mother of three was born in the city of Buffalo New York on January 31, 1964. She attended St Lawrence University New York, where she majored in Political Science and minored in Theater. She further enrolled at the Circle in the Square Theater School on Broadway.

Although Maccallum had not planned on becoming a journalist initially, (she had wanted to be an actress), she has done so well in the profession that she has become one of the easily identifiable News anchors on Fox Channel.

Here are 5 interesting things to know about Martha Maccallum.

1. Martha Maccallum used to anchor the Wall Street Journal Report

It has been a steady rise in the profession for Martha Maccallum, ever since she made a u-turn from her acting dream into journalism. Looking at her career profile, she worked as a columnist for Corporate Finance Magazine before getting a job at the Wall Street Journal Television which lasted from 1991-1996.

She then moved on to CNBC in 1997, where she was a reporter/anchor of Morning Call with Martha Maccallum and was also a regular contributor to other shows such as Checkpoint. She finally landed at Fox News where she has been since 2004. She hosted The Live Desk, before moving on to The First 100 Days which was later renamed The Story with Martha Maccallum in 2017.

2. The Story with Martha Maccallum was shifted from her usual time slot

Due to Fox’s poor rating at the end of 2020, the channel reshuffled a lot of its programs to increase viewership. One of such programs affected was The Story with Martha Maccallum, which was taken off the prime slot and shifted to EST Monday through Friday.

But the new arrangement is a welcome change to Martha Maccallum because according to her, she gets to be home for dinner unlike previously. It has also affected her sleep pattern, as she now wakes up later.

More so, she gets to enjoy one hour of workouts or run outside if the weather permits. This, according to her is a great way to manage the stress of being a public figure.

3. Martha Maccallum loves being around people

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has become normal for workers to work from home to avoid the virus. And this has, of course, affected the number of people coming to work at different offices. For the more traditional Martha Maccallum, work was more fun before covid-19.

She prefers people being physically present and the interactions that go on around the workplace. In an interview with the Insider, she said “I miss seeing our full team in the newsroom. We’re a family. We’ve all worked together for a long time and to be separated from each other is what I miss the most”.

In the same interview, she laments that New York has lost its usual bustling. Likewise, family is important to her because one of her concerns about working on an evening program was whether she will be able to get home in time to be with her children. Maccallum exchanged marital vows with Dan Gregory on August 22, 1992, at Elizabeth Church, Manhattan. They are blessed with two sons Harry and Reed and a daughter, Elizabeth.

4. Martha Maccallum is the author of the book, Unknown Valor

Martha Maccallum has been described as a voracious reader, with her favorite being Historical Biographies. Therefore, it’s no surprise that she has written her own book titled Unknown Valor, based on the story of Iwo Jima where her mother’s cousin, Harry participated in the battle.

The book is a tribute to the valiant men who defeated the forces of Emperor Hirohito in one of the historical battles of World War II.

5. Martha Maccallum has hosted a Presidential debate

Martha Maccallum landed the much sought-after role of being one of the hosts of the presidential debate at the 2006 event. She and her America’s Newsroom co-anchor Bill Hemmer were selected to moderate the event. She has had experiences with coverage of past elections and debates. She has also interviewed various candidates which made her perfect for the job.

Martha Maccallum has been chosen for several choice interviews, one of them being the Brett Kavanaugh interview about the rape allegations that came up when he was the judicial nominee for the Supreme Court. Her achievement has been honored as she is a two-time winner of the American Women in Radio and Television award.


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