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Lisa Thorner - Things to know about Damon Wayans' ex-wife

Lisa Thorner

Young people nowadays may not know Lisa Thorner, the ex-wife of ace comedian Damon Wayans, but there was a time she used to be prominent on the red carpet because of her successful husband. Her ex Damon Wayans made it professionally as an actor, writer, and Comedian. The pretty former model and her ex-husband started their matrimony from a humble beginning before Wayans rose to stardom. However, the ugly trend of divorces in the entertainment world caught up with their marriage, and it was dissolved several years later.

Lisa Thorner, who was once used to the limelight, stayed away from the spotlight after her divorce. She has maintained a low profile ever since and there is no indication that she has remarried.

Scroll down to find out more about Lisa Thorner, her ex-husband, and what she has been p to lately.

Things to know about Lisa Thorner

1. Lisa Thorner is a former model

Way before Lisa Thorner married Damon Wayans; she used to work in the entertainment industry as a model and later as an actress. She however kissed her career goodbye after she became a mother. Nevertheless, she reputedly earned big pay from modeling for big companies.

Thorner was born in the United States, sometime in the 1960s but the identity of her parents, early life, and childhood, including her education has not been disclosed to the public. She only became a popular figure after her marriage.

2. She and Damon Wayans were married for 16 years

Thorner used to be a happily married woman and a proud wife of Damon Wayans, an accomplished comedian. However, her marriage was torn apart sixteen years after they exchanged marital vows on April 24, 1984. But Damon Wayans was not popular back then in the 1980s. He was just an ordinary person still trying to make it in the industry.

However, luck shined on him when he got a role in his breakout movie, Beverly Hills Cop, for which he was widely recognized. Unfortunately, the couple was not able to sustain the initial joy in their marriage and they called it quits after 16 years of being together.

3. Irreconcilable differences was the reason

Issues began to crop up between Lisa Thorner and her husband which eventually made them to start living apart. While Thorner stayed in their Beverly Hills home, Damon Wayans stayed at a house in Santa Monica according to reports. They filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences in August 2000 after series of attempts at reconciliation proved unsuccessful.

The divorce was finalized in late 2000 with Thorner appealing for full ownership of their four children in addition to spousal support.

4. Lisa Thorner’s children are all in the entertainment industry

Thorner and Wayans share four children who have all gone into the movie industry. The eldest, Damon Wayans Jr, was born two years before his parents tied the knot, on November 18, 1982, and is now an actor. He is popular for his role as Brad Williams in the sitcoms; Happy Endings and New Girl. Some of his movies include; Let’s Be Cops, The Other Guys, and How to be Single.

The second child of the family was born on March 28, 1985, in Los Angeles California. His name is Michael Wayans and he is also an actor and has featured in Blankman, Dance Flick as well as My Wife alongside his sister Cara Mia Wayans.

Lisa Thorner’s daughters are not left out in the family business. Cara Mia Wayans (born April 18, 1987) is a budding actress but not as popular as her brothers. While the youngest daughter of the family, Kyla Wayans (born 1999) is also doing her best in the industry.

5. Lisa Thorner has four grandchildren

Thorner's family keeps growing with the birth of her grandchildren in recent years. Her son Damon Jr has two kids with his ex-wife Aja Metoyer. In addition, Michael and his wife Vanessa welcomed a daughter named Ava Marie on January 4, 2014. Similarly, Kyla welcomed a baby girl called Emmie in 2012.

6. Lisa Thorner never remarried

Nearly 21 years after her divorce, Lisa Thorner is still single. The reason may not be far from the demands of motherhood. She had simply disappeared from the spotlight since the failure of her marriage and has immersed herself into raising her children.

To date, there hasn’t been any rumor of a romantic involvement with anybody. It is rather implied that she is living a peaceful life away from the attention of the media.

Meanwhile, her ex, Damon Wayans has moved on and established a relationship with Charity Duplechan which has been on-going since 2003.

7. Her ex-husband Damon was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2013

Damon Wayans was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes which made him take a break from work in 2013. He was advised by his physicians to reduce his workload and pay more attention to his health. This made him cancel some scheduled events but he has since returned and has moved on with his career.

8. How much is Lisa Thorner’s net worth?

Most of Lisa Thorner’s income came from her work as a model and actress. She would have also made a substantial sum from the alimony from her husband Damon Wayans whose net worth is reportedly $35 million. Lisa Thorner's net worth, on the other hand, is estimated to be about $1 million.


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