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Jacob Jules Villere - What to know about Peter Porte’s Partner

Jacob Jules Villere and his gay partner, actor Peter Porte exchanged marital vows at a lavish ceremony held on October 7, 2018, in New Orleans. Ever since the start of his relationship with the popular actor and former model, Jacob Jules Villere has been on the media spotlight and will remain so. Here is all you need to know about him and his relationship with the young and the restless star, Peter Porte.

Who is Jacob Jules Villere?

Jacob Jules Villere was virtually unknown until he entered the limelight via his marriage to actor Peter Porte. Moreover, he is a private individual, therefore; some of his personal details are unknown. However, Villere is an American by nationality and he is of mixed ethnicity. He was born sometime in the mid-’80s in New Orleans, Louisiana. It has been suggested that his age might be close to that of his popular partner Peter Porte who was born on March 31, 1985. Details such as the name of his parents and his siblings can not be ascertained.

Meanwhile, Villere attended The Woodlands High School before moving on to study accountancy at the Louisiana State University. Some online sources claim that he became a banker afterward. He began his career in 2004 at the Capital One bank and is currently the Senior Vice President of the bank according to Wikiodin.

Married life with gay Partner, Peter Porte

October 7, 2018 was a memorable day for Jacob Jules Villere and his gay partner Peter Porte when they celebrated their wedding ceremony at the exquisite Latrobe On Royal witnessed by close family and friends. The occasion was a beautiful event that included dinner and a dancing party. They also chose Navy and cream colors for the event.

Peter Porte has long been in the entertainment industry. He was involved in his high school theatrical productions and subsequently attended the New York University where he studied Fine Arts. He then enrolled at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London at the end of his studies where he further honed his acting skills. He is also a former model and used to travel around Europe to model. He has also taken part in several film productions.

However, he was thrust to fame after his appearance in the Soap Opera, The Young and the Restless. Some of his other works include The Baby Daddy series (2014) and the TV show, Telenovela (2016), among others.

Furthermore, a timeline of Porte and Villere’s relationship indicates that the couple met at Muhammed Ali’s Celebrity Fight Night XXI in February 2015. Afterward, they began to date and announced their relationship. They also graced several events together such as the 10th annual gala held in May 2018.

Recall that Peter Porte has been in a romantic relationship with some women in the past. He was previously linked with actress/singer Chelsea Kane who was his co-star in the 2014 sitcom, Baby Daddy before coming out as gay.

Jacob Jules Villere’s Net worth

Villere has been identified as a banker and has worked for several years in his profession. As a result, he must have been earning a salary from his work. His net worth has been calculated to be around $2.5 million as of 2021. His spouse, however, has immersed a substantial income from his acting career. Peter Porte’s net worth has been estimated to be in the neighborhood of $11 million. He makes his money from acting as well as from endorsement deals with big brands such as Diet Pepsi, HallMark Channel and Reel. The couple apparently lives a life of affluence. They are proud owners of a private Yacht and both of them have the license to sail.

Jacob Jules Villere’s Social Media

Villere has a social media presence on Twitter and a private Instagram. He has an Instagram account @jjulesvillere and a Twitter account @JacobVillere. He has quite a large followership on Instagram but has fewer followers on Twitter. Meanwhile, his husband, Peter Porte also has an Instagram account where he frequently posts pictures of their happy marriage.


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