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Hallie Gnatovich - What to know About Josh Gate’s Wife

Hallie Gnatovich

Gone are the days when wives of famous people feel content to revel in the success of their husband with no significant effort at their own careers. Women like Hallie Gnatovich, wife of Josh Gate, the popular American TV Presenter and Producer, are beginning to take centre stage in their family by working hard at their careers and getting the necessary qualifications needed to reach the pinnacle of their profession.

While her husband works in Entertainment, Hallie Gnatovich has found her niche as a certified therapist and founder of an organization known as the Hallie G. Foundation. However, she first tried out acting before her current job and also met her husband on a movie set. What else do we know about this woman? Read on to find out more.

Things to know about Hallie Gnatovich

Born to Rock and Stana Gnatovich on January 26, 1981, in Boston, United States, Hallie Gnatovich had always aspired to become an actress. Moreover, she is a beautiful blonde-haired woman standing at a height of 5ft 9 inches (1.73) with a bodyweight of 54 kg. Her dream led her to study at Oberlin College Ohio where she completed her BA in Theatre Arts.


Haille Gnatovich worked hard to achieve success in her dream career but it didn’t materialize. Acting didn’t appear to be her calling, although she had starred in the comedy movie called Archer House (2007), and had made an appearance on Destination Truth (2007). She however gained a passion for therapy through her Mum who is also a therapist and decided to move into therapy. She then earned a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Alliant University and began practising at Jeneese Center until 2012 when she added a certificate in Mindfulness to her portfolio.

Afterwards, she worked briefly at Jewish Family Center before establishing her firm, The Hallie G. Therapy situated in West Hollywood, California.

Gnatovich's speciality is in counseling young clients from 20 to 30+, actors, writers, LGBTQ couples etc. She equally works as an associate specialist for MedAvante-ProPhase as a trainer.

Moreover, she practices Kundalini Yoga which is said to uplift consciousness and mental stability.

Hallie Gnatovich marital life - Who is her Husband?

It’s always exciting to encounter a marriage that is built on love and affection like Hallie Gnatovich and Josh Gates marriage. Hallie Gnatovich met the love of her life during the shooting of Destination Truth where she was a Researcher. Josh was an actor on the set where the two fell for each other. After dating for some years, the duo finally got engaged and celebrated their wedding ceremony on September 13, 2014. The wedding venue was the Hidden Pond Luxury Resort Maine, United States.


Gnatovich is a proud mother to two adorable children. She delighted her husband with the news of her first pregnancy while he was on the air, and the soon-to-be-dad spread the news around to his colleagues. The couple welcomed their bundle of joy in February 2016 and gave him the name, Owen. Later on in 2018, another baby was added to the family when they welcomed another beautiful baby - a girl this time and they named her Isla.

Haille Gnatovich's net worth

As far as we know, Haille Gnatovich net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million. Her various businesses such as her fashion line, brands and endorsements, as well as her acting, Counseling Services and research work have all contributed to her Net worth.

Who is Haille Gnatovich husband, Josh Gates?

Josh Gates is an American TV host and Producer born on August 10, 1977. He was born in Manchester-by-the-sea Massachusetts and attended Tufts University in Medford where he majored in Archeology and Drama. His foray work in media and television shows has made him widely popular among viewers. He was the host of Destination Truth on Syfy and has hosted eight live specials for Ghosthunters including its Spin-off, Ghost Hunters International.

Likewise, Gates has shown his expertise in TV Production and is currently the host and Executive Producer of Expedition Unknown on Discovery Channel. He also created, produced and narrated Stranded, a paranormal TV show that premiered on Syfy in February 2013. Gates was also the voice-over artist for A Brother’s Journey by Richard B, Pelzer. His most recent engagement is the premier of a new show entitled, Josh Gates Tonight where viewers around the world are interviewed.

Hallie Gnatovich has established a successful career and has grown it alongside her role as a wife and mother. Her genuine effort has yielded dividends and she is now a force to reckon with, in the area of therapy.


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