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Gigi Santos Pietro: Things you must know about Vanna White’s Daughter

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Known for her encouraging smiles, countless clapping as she cheers the contestants and her epic dress code, Wheel of Fortune co-host Vanna White, has not only been turning letters for the past 38 years but she has been turning hearts as well. The delightful former model has a pretty daughter, Gigi Santo Pietro and a son Nikki Santo Pietro who are her children from her only marriage to Italian restaurant owner George Santo Pietro. 

The easy rapport between Vanna White’s and her co-host Pat Sajak which has developed over nearly four decades of working together is palpable. Pat recently underwent emergency surgery in November 2019 and Vanna filled in for him. During his absence, Sajak's daughter appeared as a special guest on the show which raises the question of whether Vanna White’s Daughter Gigi might perhaps be willing to take over from her mum in the nearest future?

However, It's quite unlikely since all evidence point to the fact that Gigi Santos Pietro is not cut out for a life in front of the camera. Sajak is now fully recovered and has returned to his job while Vanna is back to flipping the letters but the question still burns as the spotlight is now shifting slowly from mother to daughter. 

Who is Gigi Santos Pietro?

Gigi Santos Pietro

Giovanna Gigi Santo Pietro is most certainly used to a luxurious lifestyle as the daughter of two successful parents. Born to Vanna White and George Santo Pietro on July 2, 1994, Gigi grew up alongside her brother Nicholas in a mansion located in the upscale neighborhood of Beverly Hills, California. Her father George is a restaurateur with several outlets around California, a real estate businessman as well as an actor. 

Meanwhile, Gigi's parents tied the knot in December 1990 and lived together for 12 years before calling it quits although they remained friends for the sake of their children. Despite the marriage breaking up when Nikko was seven and Gigi five, the children had a lovely time living with their mum. Indeed, growing up was fun for Gigi and her brother as they trailed their Mum to exciting events and were regular visitors on the wheel of Fortune game set.  They followed mum to play host at the game show with mother and daughter sometimes dressed in similar outfits. They were also present when Vanna White received a star on the Hollywood Walk of fame.  

Gigi Santo Pietro's dashing older brother Nicholas Santo Pietro (Nikko) was born in 1994.  The picture of the handsome guy identified as Vanna White’s son actually broke the Internet and fans can't get over how cute he is. But Nikko is too far removed from any new relationship at the moment. He is dating a Liberian monk and his mum has given her unalloyed support. Moreover, he has indicated no interest in show business in any way. The Oregon State University graduate is more of a country boy according to his mum and has rather shown interest in farming, with mums support obviously. 

Talking of careers, Gigi is not cut out for the limelight either. Despite tasting the spotlight as a child when she walked in a mini fashion show organized by the Lion brand to promote her mother's brand of yarn, Gigi seems to have kissed showbiz goodbye. But contrary to his brother's love of the quiet countryside, Gigi feels at home in the city's boisterous neighborhood with its bright lights and crazy traffic. The 23-year-old graduate of Photography and Imaging at the New York University's School of Arts has been engaging herself in the art of photography and is already sweeping awards and accolades, such as the Gold and silver key awards from Scholastic Arts and Winning awards. She recently joined the social media bandwagon and some of her works are available on Instagram.

Writing is Gigi's other passion, a fact revealed by her mum in an interview with Closer weekly in 2019, where she said, ".... And my daughter is a city girl so she’s

very much into photography and artsy stuff and writing, so she might do something in photography or magazines," Vanna continues, "She’s not quite sure yet … So got a little bit of both!"

The brown-haired damsel is well travelled, which is a great way to get amazing inspirations for her photography no doubt. She follows her mum to business trips as well as family vacations, but sometimes she takes these trips on her own. When she is not globe-trotting, Gigi likes to enjoy some quiet time at home or have her friends come over for a nice time. 

Who is Vanna White, Gigi Santo Pietro's mother 

Born on 18 February Vanna White have been a co-host on the wheel of Fortune since 1982. She became a Guinness World record holder for most frequent clapper on May 24, 2013, having clapped an estimated 3,480,864 times in support of the show's contestants across 30 seasons. 

Vanna White had pursued a modelling career right after graduating from the Atlanta School of fashion and design. She moved to Los Angeles where she auditioned for movie roles. She has made some appearance in movies such as Looker (1981), Gypsy Angels (1990), Graduation day, and the ABC's Goddess of Love (1988). 

The native of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is the author of the best selling autobiography, "Vanna Speaks", which was released in 1987. White has been involved in raising funds for the St Jude's children research hospital and has contributed about $1.8 million since she became a patron. 

Even so, her personal life hasn't been a smooth ride, the game show host has experienced some tragic periods in her life, one of which is the death of her fiancé, actor and former Chippendale John Gibson, in a plane crash in 1986. In Another incident in 1992, Vanna suffered a miscarriage after announcing that she was pregnant by using 'Vanna' s pregnant ' as a puzzle in the game show. Luckily, she took in again and had her son, Nikki in 1994, followed by her daughter Gigi in 1997. 

She and George got divorced in 2002 and Vanna moved on with Michael  Kaye, got engaged from 2002 to 2004 and thereafter called off their engagement. She is currently dating John Donaldson and they have been together for eight years. On the first day of 2020, the couple shared a new year message with a photo on Instagram comprising of Donaldson, Vanna White and her two children. She spoke with Closer Weekly on the issue of tying the knot once more "....we're both happy," she said, "so in my eyes, I feel - we feel - married. So I don't think you necessarily have to have a piece of paper except you want to..."

Gigi with her mother, brother Nicholas and John Donaldson

Meanwhile, Gigi Santo Pietro's mother doesn't think there's anything wrong with her children going after different career paths. It is her job to encourage and advice and we dare say she's doing a pretty good job. 


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