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Emily Cannon - 5 Quick Facts about Max Schneider’s wife

Emily Cannon

Emily Cannon is a volleyball player better known as the wife of Nickelodeon star, Max Schneider. She is an excellent sportswoman and was already a Volleyball star by the time she was 21. She also gained fame as a BYU Cougars roster movie star in 2017. Part of her resume also reads- artist, tarot card reader, and empoweress.

What else do you know about Emily Cannon? Join us as we explore these five quick facts about her.

1. Emily Cannon is English-American

Emily Cannon English-American, born on May 9, 1998, in Park City Utah in the United States. She graduated from the Park City High School in Utah and played in the school’s volleyball team. She was raised in a religious family household which explained why she travelled to Argentina after she graduated, to work as a missionary. When she came back after two years, she enrolled at Brigham Young University (BYU) in Utah which is a school run by the Church of the Latter-Day. She also joined the Varsity Volleyball team and competed in NCAA Division 1 category.

2. She practices Reiki healing

Believe it or not, there is a kind of healing that comes with the transfer of energy into a patient by touch and you can ask Emily Cannon if in doubt. She is a reiki healer and has been involved in the business for quite some time now. It might also interest you to know that she used to be a designer but switched over to custom designs of tarot cards for which she has received wide recognition

Moreover, she gradually eased her way into spirituality and has also created a website where she charges money for tarot reading and predictions. A look at her website will convince you that she means business and you can also get some tips for meditations as well.

3. She had a secret wedding

Some people just don’t like broadcasting their wedding to the world for some reasons. Emily Cannon and her husband Max Schneider fall under this category of people that seem to value privacy in their relationships, over publicity. As a matter of fact, the couple hid their marriage for seven months and it took even a longer time for the details of his proposal to emerge.

They exchanged Nuptial vows in a secret ceremony observed by few people. The news of their union was kept under wraps for several months until her husband shared the joyous news on his Instagram page in November 2016.

Moreover, he also revealed that he wrote the song, “Lights Down Low” from the album, “Hell’s Kitchen Angel” with Emily Cannon in mind. Two years later, Schneider further explained that he proposed to her with a harp player playing the song for her.

4. Emily Cannon is a proud Mum

Cannon and her husband joyfully welcomed an early Christmas gift in the form of a baby girl on December 1, 2020. The baby had a birth weight of 3.6 kg and measured 2 feet 9 inches in height.

They were overjoyed at the arrival of their daughter and they named her Edie Celine Schneider. An elated Max Schneider shared his excitement with People magazine, and told them how he had wanted to be a girl dad his entire life and that he would empower her and supports her.

5. She spots a Curvy body

Check out the body statistics of this young lady and you will be utterly convinced that she has a curvy body indeed. Emily Cannon has a body measurement of 34-28-38 and stands tall at a height of 5 ft 7 inches tall. Her weight is around 58kg or 128 lbs. she also wears a bra cup size of 32c.

Husband, Max Schneider

Born into a Jewish family on June 21, 1992, Max Schneider popularly known as MAX, developed his love for the creative arts right from childhood. He is a well-known singer, songwriter, actor, model and performer, and actually kicked off his acting career with the Broadway Musical titled “13” in 2008. One of the highlights of his young career was working alongside Madonna in a Dolce and Gabbana modeling campaign.

However, Schneider, known professionally as “MAX”, began to write in 2012 and also became a Nickelodeon star via acting. He starred in the show “How to Rock” and the movie “Rags” where he was the lead character.

Furthermore, he has an EP entitled “First Encounters” and has also dropped his debut album “ NWL”. However, his acting career again took center stage when he got a role in the show “How to Rock”. He went further to appear in his debut movie, “The Last Keeper”, and has released his second studio album entitled “Hell’s Kitchen Angel” in 2016.

Emily Cannon’s Net Worth

Emily Cannon has made a substantial sum of money from her career. She promotes it via social media and has recorded success in her endeavors. It is therefore estimated that she has a net worth of over $1 million, like her husband whose net worth is also around the same figure.


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