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All to know about Maria Aquinar, Sebastian Bach's ex-wife.

Maria Aquinar is known as a model, actress, and Reality TV star, but she became famous because of her relationship with the frontman singer of the Skid Row band, Sebastian Bierk. Aquinar is the ex-wife of the Canadian singer and they had three children together.

Maria Aquinar dated Sebastian before he came to fame and was his first manager. She believed in him and encouraged him on the road to success and they were a great pair always appearing together on the red carpet and attending functions together. They got wedded in 1992, but unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce after nearly two decades together. If you are looking for all the details of Maria Aquinar’s early life, professional career, marriage, and what caused her divorce from her former husband? We’ve got them right here.

Maria Aquinar’s Early Life

Maria Aquinar came into the world on December 26, 1963. There is very little information on Maria Aquinar’s early life and family background, however, we know that her former husband, Sebastian was born in the Bahamas and raised in Peterborough, Ontario. He was born on April 3, 1968, and is one of eight children born to his parents. Among his siblings is retired hockey player, Zac Bierk.

Maria Aquinar’s Professional Life

Maria Aquinar is in the showbiz industry and has appeared with his ex in some reality TV shows such as Supergroup (2006), On Our Own (2020), and “I Married”. She was a star guest in one of the episodes of the VH! Show supergroup where she got intimate with the adult film star Tera Patrick during a photoshoot in the presence of her former husband, Sebastian Bach. Her appearance on the show which featured Ted Nugent, Scott Ian, and, Evan Seinfeld greatly increased her popularity in modeling circles. Aquinar has also appeared in a documentary based on the life of her former husband, Sebastian Bach titled, “Sebastian Bach: Forever Wild”. Nowadays, she is into the fitness lifestyle and is showing others how to live a healthier life on her Instagram account.

As for her physical description, Maria Aquinar is 60 years old in 2023, but she looks like a much younger woman. She looks more like in her 40s, judging by her appearance, which could be attributed to her healthy lifestyle. Aquinar weighs about 47kg and is about 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Maria Aquinar’s Marriage and Divorce

Maria Aquinar and Sebastian Bach tied the knot in 1992 after dating for several years. They welcomed their first child, in 1988 and got married four years later. The couple were always seen together and they showcased their love openly. However, things went south later on, which made them go their separate ways. They then divorced in 2010 after many failed attempts at reconciliation.

However, the couple has moved on and Sebastian Bach has remarried. He married Suzanne Bach in August 2015 and they are living happily. Moreover, Suzanne is a wonderful step-mum to her husband’s children and she gets along fine with Maria Aquinar. As for Maria Aquinar, she has not remarried ever since her divorce from Bach.

Meanwhile, Sebastian Bach has blamed the internet for the break-up of his marriage. Although he later commented that he was joking, he noted that cracks began to form in his marriage after tales of his alleged sexual exploits began to spread online. Likewise, he blamed the author of the book, “The Last Living Slurt: Born in Iran, Bred Backstage” as being responsible because of the lies written about him in the book, because of the author’s claim that when he was on tour, he used to go along with a box of toys which he used on different women. He was also linked with some women, especially Minnie Gupta, a model who appeared in two of his videos.

Maria Aquinar’s children

Maria Aquinar shared three children with her ex-husband, Sebastian Bach. Before they got married, the couple welcomed their son Paris Bierk, on March 4, 1988. They welcomed another son, London Bierk after their wedding in 1992. The couple also have a daughter, Sebastiana Bierk, born in 2007.

Maria Aquinar’s ex-husband is a successful singer

Maria Aquinar’s former husband, Sebastian Bach was an essential member of the Skid Row band. They have won some awards such as an American Music Award for Favorite Metal/Hard Rock New Artist, as well as the Best Ensemble Cast at the 2017 Northeast Film Festival. He has some successful studio albums such as Angel Down (2007), Kicking & Screaming (2011), and, Give ‘Em Hell (2014).

Maria Aquinar’s Net Worth

Maria Aquinar has earned some money from her modeling and acting career; however, her net worth is still a subject of speculation. An online source however claims that she made a net worth of $950,000 from the different projects she was involved in as well as from her divorce settlements. She is also making a considerable income from her job as a lifestyle and fitness trainer.

Meanwhile, her ex-husband Sebastian Bach has a net worth of about 5 million dollars from his career in music and acting. In July 2017, hernia surgery was performed on Sebastian Bach, but he has fully recovered. Also, he encountered a loss in 2011 when his New Jersey home was wrecked by flooding from Hurricane Irene. He later sold the house for $272,500 in 2016, way lesser than the $669,000 he bought the house in 2012.

Is Maria Aquinar on social media?

Maria Aquinar is a notable celebrity on social media, with a presence on social networking sites like Instagram, and Twitter where she actively engages with her fans. Her Instagram handle is @mariabierk which has over 1400 followers. She is also on Twitter @mariabach where she also has over 1200 followers.


Maria Aquinar is in the spotlight thanks to her marriage to a famous musical talent. She had a lovely marriage before her husband’s past sexual dalliances broke her marriage apart. While her husband has remarried, Aquinar is currently single and she is investing her efforts in raising the children from her failed marriage. She also excelled at her own career in modeling and acting and is now more into maining her fitness goals and teaching others her secret to a healthy, youthful-looking body. She is living life to the fullest and enjoys the love and admiration of her teeming fans on social media.


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