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120 Random Advice from Steve Harvey’s Fans

Advice has been streaming forth from random people on Facebook in reaction to a Steve Harvey’s post which says “Let’s start a thread of just random advice. No specific topic just great advice.”. Steve Harvey is an American TV producer, actor, comedian, and host of The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Family Feud, and Celebrity Family Feud among others. So far, the post has generated over 33,000 likes and 40,000 comments at the time of writing this article.

Moreover, life has thought people great lessons which they are willing to share out in the form of advice to others. People gain this experience either from their own experience or from the experience of others close to them. Let’s now look at 120 outstanding comments from this popular Facebook post.

120 Life advice from Steve Harvey’s post

· Love all, trust none.

· The only “secret” to success is to never stop.

· Be nice to people.

· Everybody has their reality, don’t live by other people’s reality.

· Thank every PAIN you experienced look at you today…..YOU ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU THINK.

· Always trust your gut, it’s the only thing that’ll never lie to you.

· God is the only reason you are still on this earth. Tell God Thank You!!

· I always tell this to my two daughters: Give yourself

respect… Know your worth…

· Don’t lose hope, have faith in God. The sky will eventually clear.

· Unlearn and Relearn from everything you were taught your entire life,. I learned that life for me wasn’t about a big home, a nice car, and a bunch of material items. Life is about Time Freedom, Location Freedom, and Financial Freedom. These 3 rules I live by and life is better than ever when you get off the Matrix.

· Other people’s opinions of you are none of your business.

· Be kind.

· Stop pouring into those that are not pouring back into you!

· No matter what you go through in life, always remember to EAT FIRST.

· Trust none, pray to God always, the world is a cruel place.

· Remember this: “You are enough” Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

· I don’t know who needs this but please get rich. Life gets easier with money, not time! While at it, differentiate REAL friends from FANS of your status.

· Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

· Don’t leave the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket! Treat people how you wanna be treated! If someone ghosts you, leave them alone, you don’t have to explain the consequences of their actions to an adult.

· Stop people pleasing, you’ll run out of steam quicker than they need you to be useful to them. Then it will be all your fault because “you have changed”.

· Never feel entitled, always appreciate every little help along the way.

· Don’t make permanent decisions based on temporal emotions.

· Isaiah 60:22, when the time is right, I the Lord will make it happen.

· Be kind to yourself, you’ll see the need to extend the kindness.

· Always remember where you come from.

· Believe a person the first time they show you who they are.

· Ignorance and hate is too easily found, be a kind person. Your kindness could change someone’s day!

· Never forget your spiritual knowledge, it is the only thing that supports your physical life.

· The answer is always no if you never ask the question.

· Always text your mind back, no matter how busy you are, crazy things go through a mom’s mind when she doesn’t hear back from her children.

· God doesn’t create accidents, He creates purposes.

· People will almost always disappoint you, Keep your expectations low.

· Silence doesn’t always mean weakness. It takes only a brave heart to have so much to say but chose to stay silent.

· Impossible with Man, but with God all things are possible.

· Stop being the one who always makes efforts. Relax and let that ship sink.

· Never try to live life outside of God.

· We all have fears. They can destroy you or drive you, the choice is yours.

· Take time to disconnect from technology and connect with nature.

· True life is found in Jesus Christ.

· The beautiful ones are not yet born. Search beyond what the eyes see.

· When you are going through anything, ask God what it is that HE wants you to learn from it. Don’t just go through it, GROW through it. Trust GOD. He got you.

· Always love your mother, because you will never get another.

· When you love yourself…. you teach others how to love you right.

· Just wake up every day, and thank the Lord for it.

· The only competition out there is you, so just be a better version each day ahead.

· Silence really is golden when you are upset. Don’t let your negative thoughts rule your mind.

· Be generous with kind words, they can mean so much more than money.

· Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and don’t trust your own understanding, in all things acknowledge Him and He will direct your path…..

· You owe yourself loyalty not the world a single explanation.

· Nobody knows everything. Make mistakes and learn from them.

· Live and don’t just exist.

· Practice inhaling and exhaling daily. It just makes you feel GOOD! Relaxed……now I’m ready……let’s go do this.

· A road to success starts with a single step.

· Mind your business, after that, mind your business.

· No matter what, stick to your goals.

· No matter the struggle in the wilderness, keep the consistency and grind until your light shines.

· They are not waiting for you, they are waiting for your success.

· You can cut off from people without spoiling their name or turning the heart of people against them. It is called maturity.

· Nobody remembers your vulnerabilities and failures in a life well lived. I wish I could tell you it’s easy, it ain’t. So in all your “doings”, DO WELL for Yourself!

· Learn how to mind your business and see how peaceful your life will be.

· The closer you Get to GOD, the better you get to know yourself and your purpose in life.

· Help build something with someone today!

· Never quit on your dreams when they don’t happen right away. Water penetrates rock by its persistence. Persistence and consistency build momentum.

· Listen to understand, not respond.

· Success is the best revenge.

· Some of the most generous people have no money, some of the wisest people have no education, and some of the kindest people have been hurt the most.

· People can be good or bad regardless of their skin color, stop RACISM NOW.

· Losing doesn’t make you a failure.

· The older you get, the smaller your circle becomes.

· There are no two similar marriages, every marriage is unique. Stop using other people's marriage guide as a template for your marriage.

· Whatever you do just never give up. And never allow anyone to rob you of your peace.

· Slow progress is better than no progress.

· Never underestimate the power of your intuition, never turn a blind eye to red flags.

· If respect is no longer being served, it’s time to leave the table and create your own.

· Remember at the end of it all, you need you before anybody else.

· Every day above ground is a second chance at getting it right.

· Work on your mental health.

· The only person you would ever try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday.

· Your confession becomes your reality, your words create your world.

· Let us live the kind of life we would be happy to see our children live. Don’t just tell your children how to live, show them.

· Spend quality time with family and make fun memories with them, you can never tell how much time you have with your loved ones.

· The greatest thing in life is not where we were born but what we determine to become.

· The world is a small place.

· Remember this…” Whatever you do, begin in love, and it has no choice but to end in peace.”

· Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.

· The storm never lasts forever, keep faith and keep pushing.

· Let your YES mean YES…and your NO mean NO! Always keep your word.

· Never give up on trying, you never know when and where your opportunity comes.

· Life is transient, make an impact now.

· Everything you need is inside you.

· Focus on yourself and your family, do what’s best for you, and the rest will fall into place.

· Always put yourself first, everyone else will.

· Be humble, and always put God first.

· God will never bring you to it without getting you through it.

· Trust everyone, let them prove themselves untrustworthy.

· Let nobody dim your light just because it's shining brighter than theirs.

· Trust in God and you will never be disappointed.

· Be content with what you have. Live as simply as you can.

· Fall in love when you are ready not when you are lonely.

· To love is a commandment, but to relate is a choice.

· Pray all the time.

· Try to be 1% better each day.

· In all thy getting, get Wisdom.

· Love God, Love People.

· If you look at what you have in life, you’ll always have more. If you

· look at what you don’t have in life, you’ll never have enough.

· Never let failure befall the one within you.

· Always teach your children the power of thankfulness no matter what

situation they find themselves in.

· Hidden competition with your teammates is limiting your growth, celebrate others' success.

· Don’t get tired of clapping for others when they step out to wear the crown, till your time comes.

· Remember, you can’t attract what you don’t appreciate.

· A person that has nothing to lose, will make you lose all you’ve worked for. Choose your company wisely.

· Nobody has to understand, it’s you who’s in it.

· Life is too cruel and short to be unkind, be kind.

· If you have a choice, then choose the best. If you have no choice, then do your best.

· Don’t listen to other people, follow your own drum beat.

· Good deeds are the rent we pay for living on earth. So be kind.

· In all you do, endeavor to please God and yourself as much as you tend to please people.

· Many times people are not looking for you to advise them, they just want you to listen.

· There is a testimony in your Test and a Message in your Mess. You are next in line for your blessing.


We hope you learned a thing or two from this 120 Random Advice from Steve Harvey’s Fans. While some centered on being nice to people, others spoke on love, relationship, personal well-being, hope for the future, and many more – all these are key aspects of a happy life.


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