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Who is Tiffany Chadderton, Steve Lemme's wife?

Tiffany Chadderton is widely known as the wife of American actor, director, producer, and comedian, Steve Lemme. Chadderton is a private person and has done her best to stay out of the public eye. However, her husband Lemme is frequently in front of the camera where he is actively involved with his crew, the Broken Lizards.

Steve Lemme is popular for his role in the 2002 film, Super Troopers where he was portrayed as State Trooper Maclntyre Womack. He, alongside other members of the American comedy troupe, the Broken Lizards; corroborated in acting, screenwriting, and producing the film. While much is known about Steve Lemme, the same can't be said about his wife Tiffany Chadderton. Here are some details about her.

Tiffany Chadderton Biography and Marriage to Steve Lemme

Tiffany Chadderton is the beautiful blonde wife of actor, Steve Lemme. She lives a private life hence personal information such as her age, education, and family members have remained elusive. It's only her marriage to the celebrity that had brought her into the spotlight. Although nothing about her career or interest is known, we do know that she enjoys peaceful marriage with her spouse.

Just like her personal life has been hidden from the public view, Chadderton has likewise kept their relationship details secret. It is not clear when they began to date or how they met but the duo has been married for several years. Chadderton and Lemme tied the knot on April 15, 2010, and the union is blessed with two sons. Steve Lemme was previously married to a lady named Sandra before hooking up with his current wife. They have managed to keep their marriage private and have been happily married for more than a decade.

Tiffany Chadderton

More on Tiffany Chadderton's Husband's career

Stephen Carlos Lemme, popularly known as Steve Lemme was born on November 13, 1968, in New York City, United States. Lemme's father is a Chemical Engineer who immigrated from Argentina to the United States. Hence Lemme's middle name 'Carlos' is in acknowledgment of his Argentinian roots. Meanwhile, Lemme contracted polio during his childhood despite being immunized against the virus which resulted in the loss of half of his calf muscle.

As for his education, Steve Lemme studied at Dalton High School for a while before he transferred to Fountain Valley High School and graduated in 1987. Thereafter, he attended Colgate University where he was a member of a fraternity known as Beta Theta Pi fraternity. He also joined the Charred Goosebeak group, a comedy troupe, with future members of the Broken Lizards.

According to Lemme on the official Broken Lizard website, he dropped out of Colgate to pursue his acting talent, a decision that caused his father a great deal of pain at that time until the success of the group turned him into their ardent fan.

Thereafter, Tiffany Chadderton's husband reunited with members of the Broken Lizard in New York and they performed in various clubs. The group members are Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Hoffman, Paul Soter, and Erik Stolhanke. Gradually, the group's interest shifted from live performance to film where they got their big break. Lemme was portrayed as Felix Bean in the film Puddle Cruiser (1996), with other members of the Broken Lizards.

Subsequently, Lemme was cast as Maclntyre Womack in the film project, Super Troopers, their most popular work to date, which was shot in 2000 and released in 2002. Although the film had moderate success at the box office, it went ahead to develop a cult following with a huge fan base.

The group released its sequel, Super Troopers 2, in 2018. However, they worked on other films such as Club Dread (2004), Beerfest ( 2006), and the Slammin' Salmon (2009) before the second installment of The Troopers was dropped.

Likewise, Steve Lemme alongside Heffernan was involved in the creation of Tacoma FD for TruTV which made its debut in 2009. Other movies that featured Steve Lemme, are The Dukes of Hazzard (2005), The Brooklyn Heist (2008), The Babymakers (2012), and The 100 Scariest Movie Moments (2004).

Judging by his Instagram page @Steve_Lemme, the actor has a good number of fans following him on social media. His Instagram has 44.1k followers presently with 784 posts. Lemme interacts with his fans through this medium. Also, photos of his wife, two sons, and some of his works are on display on his Instagram.

In conclusion, Tiffany Chadderton might be more interested in being a homemaker and taking care of her sons than in the workplace. It looks like for now, we have to be content with seeing Tiffany Chadderton through her husband, Steve Lemme's achievements.


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