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Saamer Usmani – Know all about the British-Pakistani entertainer

Saamer Usmani

Saamer Usmani is an actor, voiceover artist, model, and fitness enthusiast popularly known for his role as Martin de Lambert on Reign. He shot to stardom after appearing as Chris in the HBO series, Succession, and since then, people have been eager to know more about him and his movies. His most recent work is on the Netflix movie, Inventing Anna which premiered in February 2022.

Moreover, Saamer Usmani is well-traveled and has been to seven countries. Growing up in different countries and experiencing different cultures probably comes in handy when you are portraying a character on screen. Usmani has also taken to exercise like a duck to water, and no day passes without him doing one form of fitness exercise or the other.

Find out other things we know about Saamer Usmani, his educational background, family, career, and relationships.

Early Childhood and Education

Saamer Usmani was born in Pakistan but his actual date of birth has not been revealed. However, from his looks, one can detect that he is probably in his late twenties or early 30s. it has also been revealed that he celebrates his birthday every 21st of October when his girlfriend posted a birthday wish on his birthday.

Growing up, Saamer Usmani and his family moved around a lot. He grew up in seven different countries – Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Slovakia, and Nigeria, had his high School Education in Massachusetts, and attended college in Canada. There are no details about his parents and family online, this information seems to have been kept away from the media. However, he is a Muslim and has Asian ancestry.

Meanwhile, Saamer Usmani studied Sociology and Anthropology in College before getting some acting lessons. He went to the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in the UK and graduated in 2014, and then worked at a theatre festival in Canada.

Saamer Usmani’s career

Saamer Usmani made his acting debut with the TV series, The Firm in 2012. He however shot to the limelight after his portrayal as Martin in the TV series, Reign. He was also highly acclaimed for his performance as Avery Watkins in the show What/If and also the Netflix series, Inventing Anna. Other of his movie credits include movies and TV shows like Nikita, Red-Blooded, The Other Two, Succession, Run, The Mauritanian, and many others.

Besides acting, Saamer Usmani is also a voice-over artist and some of his works include the Assassin’s Creed. Furthermore, he is a model and has modeled for some fashion brands.

In addition, Usmani is a fitness freak who keeps his body and mind working in optimal conditions. Presently, he is into Calisthenics – defined as gymnastics-inspired workouts using body weights, according to Futureproper. Formerly he played basketball and tennis and was into yoga but now enjoys playing Scrabble with his partner, Tedra. He maintains that physical exercise is a great way to bring out the mind/body connection while acting.

Who is Saamer Usmani’s girlfriend?

Saamer Usmani is in a relationship with artist and social media star, Tedra Millan. Her Instagram handle is @teddi2damax and she has posted some photos of herself hanging out with friends, and also special moments with her boyfriend, Saamer Usmani.

Saamer Usmani’s net worth

The talented Saamer Usmani has made a substantial amount of money from his acting career as well as from doing voiceovers and modeling for some brands. He lives a normal life and resides in Brooklyn, New York. As for his net worth, Saamer Usmani has between $ 2 million - $ 3 million according to sources.

Saamer Usmani’s Facts

  1. Saamer Usmani is a British/Pakistani actor, voiceover artist, and model.

  2. He celebrates his birthday every 21st October but his actual date of birth is unknown.

  3. His birthplace is Pakistan but he has traveled to many countries such as Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Nigeria.

  4. Saamer Usmani completed high school in Massachusetts and got his degree in Sociology and Anthropology from a college in London.

  5. He thereafter attended acting courses at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts where he sharpened his acting skills.

  6. Saamer Usmani made his acting debut in the movie, in the TV series, The Firm in 2012

  7. He has appeared in several movies including Netflix’s Inventing Anna (2022), What/If (2019), Succession (2019), The Accidental Wolf(2022), and Run (2020), among others.

  8. Saamer Usmani has a girlfriend, Tedra Millan who is an artist and Instagram star.

  9. Saamer Usmani has a large followership (14.2k) on Instagram, but he rarely posts as he has only 8 posts so far on his handle @saamertime.

  10. Saamer Usmani is a fitness enthusiast.

That rounds up all we know about Saamer Usmani. Be sure to check out other interesting articles on our site, on some of your other favorite celebrities.


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