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Ronny Chieng's wife Hannah Pham: Things You Have to Know

Updated: May 12, 2022

Hannah Pham is the wife of the Malaysian-born comedian and actor Ronny Chieng, who is notable for using issues of the 21st century such as gay marriage, capitalism, and politics to humor his audience. Moreover, If you follow the comedy aspect of the Entertainment scene in America, you may remember him as the eccentric dad in Crazy Rich Asians or for his humorous jokes on The Daily Show on Comedy Central. He is also the star of the ABC Australia series, Ronny Chieng: International student (2017), which is a semi-fiction movie based on his actual experience as an international student in Australia which he wrote and created alongside Declan Fay. 

Chieng's first Netflix comedy special - Ronny Chieng: Asian Comedian Destroys America - which premiered on Netflix on December 17, 2019, has got people rolling off their seats with laughter. 

Ronny Chieng's wife Hannah Pham graduated as a lawyer from Melbourne University in Australia before joining her husband in America. The duo got married a few years ago in New York and it has been a serene marriage.

While the devout comedian is creatively deploying new ways to make us laugh, his wife is reaching for the spotlight as she revisits her Asian roots through its cuisines. 

Things you need to know about Ronny Chieng's wife Hannah Pham

1. Hannah Pham grew up in Melbourne 

Ronny Chieng’s wife grew up in the city of Melbourne Australia alongside her siblings Christine and Bruce Pham and her Mom Julie Pham. She is of Vietnam/ Australian origin - which was why the couple had to perform one of their three wedding celebrations there. 

Meanwhile, Ronny Chieng ( born November 21, 1985) was raised in a Malaysian Chinese family and grew up in Singapore and Manchester in the United States. He also lived in Australia for a decade, before relocating to the US. 

2. Ronny Chieng's wife Hannah Pham is a trained  lawyer 

Hannah Pham graduated from the Melbourne Girls Grammar Public School and was afterward admitted to the University of Melbourne to study Commerce and Law. She graduated in 2010  with a Bachelor of Commerce and a law degree with honors. 

She worked as a legal assistant to an Australian-based company while in school and was also a member of various students group. Upon graduating, Pham took up a job with a law firm in Melbourne for five years after which she got involved with another firm as a corporate lawyer. 

Furthermore, she got a master's degree in Law from New York University in 2017 with expertise in Intellectual property, and she has the license to practice law in New York. 

On the other hand, Ronny Chieng started off as a law student at the  University of Melbourne before switching over to Comedy in his final year. There is a high possibility that Hannah Pham and Ronny Chieng first met in  School since both were students at the same University. 

3. Hannah Pham had three wedding ceremonies 

Hannah Pham got engaged to Ronny Chieng in December 2015 and was wedded in September 2016. Indeed one of the perks of marrying Chieng had included having three wedding celebrations in three different cities! Talking about it on the Netflix Comedy special, Ronny Chieng said they had to get married three times. He explained that they had their first wedding in Melbourne, Australia, which is where Hannah, who has Vietnamese roots, is from; had another wedding in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, his birthplace; and the third wedding in New York "for green card purposes." 

4. She has some great Asian recipes on her YouTube channel 

Hannah Pham is a great cook and has her own YouTube channel. However, she didn't know much about cooking When she arrived in New York. She craved her native cuisine so much that she face-timed her mom and also used the video channel to learn how to prepare her native delicacies. She is so much better at cooking her favorite dishes now and uses her personal YouTube channel, Pham Bam Kitchen to stream videos of fascinating Asian foods. The channel was launched in 2018.

Moreover, Hannah Pham not only gives out the recipes, but she also gives her viewers some shopping tips. She is becoming very popular and the number of her subscribers keeps rising. 

5. Hannah Pham loves to dine out with her husband

Although Hannah Pham is quite an excellent cook as testified by her husband, the couple nevertheless enjoys some late-night dinner as they explore New York. According to Eaters NYC, Ronny Chieng says “I experience a lot of America through food, specifically late-night diners. I travel around doing comedy, and we do shows late into the night, so we go for places open past 12 to unwind after a show". 

Furthermore, Sunday is a special day for the couple as they get to do a lot of interesting things together. They do brunch, go for a massage, get a haircut and throw in some grocery shopping into the mix.  


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