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Kimberly Woodruff: Things To Know About Ice Cube's Wife

There are so many things to know about Ice Cube's Wife, Kimberly Woodruff. First of all, she comes off as one of the faces you don't see on your TV screens often but must have heard of, largely because she is married to famous American rapper, actor and filmmaker, Ice Cube.

For years, Woodruff has been known for her natural role of being the lovable and endearing matriarch of the O'Shea Jackson (Ice Cube's real name) family and a source of comfort to the growth of her husband's career. Regardless, below are many other things to know about Ice Cube's wife, Kimberly Woodruff.

A Mother Figure

While growing up in California, the young black woman, Kimberly had so many dreams, but above all, faced by the reality of her environment and its hostility against blacks and coloured people, above all, she prayed to live enough and be a brave mother who will be willing to watch over the infant heads of her children, shielding and protecting them against violence and discrimination, which was still very much greeted with hostility in her time. 

Thankfully, today, she has been able to fulfil that dream, as she is a proud mother of five beautiful and amazing children. As of 2020, all five of her children;  O'Shea Jackson Jnr, Shareef Jackson, Deja Jackson, Karima Jackson, Darrell Jackson, are all grown and matured, playing active roles in their chosen careers.

How She Met Ice Cube

On April 26, 1992, Kimberly Woodruff and O'Shea Jackson decided to tie the nuptial knot, after years of a fluctuating relationship. However, the bone of contention here is how she met the Straight Outta Compton actor. Judging from her husband, O'Shea Jackson, numerous interviews where he has occasionally disclosed how Kimberly turned him down on their first meeting. Though, he admits it was not love at first sight, but, he has always had a soft spot for her and this kicked in his attraction to her from the times they were on campus. He had first met her in 1988, but they were unable to work things through, due to the fact that Kimberly was in a relationship at the time they met.

Months later, while still in college, the two reunite and this time Kimberly was single and open for a more serious courtship. They dated for three years and by 1991 Ice Cube had engaged her, which only meant one thing, definitely heading to the alter a few months later.

She's a Private Person

It is rare to see wives of superstars shy away from the spotlight and glamour that comes with been famous. Kimberly Woodruff falls in the aforementioned category. It is still uncertain why the 50-years-old rarely attend star-studded and elitist events, even the ones her husband have been spotted, gracing the regalia of the red carpets.

In times past, multiple reports have come to agree she is one who intends to be private and concerning her family, she is unrelentingly more concerned taking care of the affairs of her family and on the other hand, keeping the media in the dark for the past years.

To confirm these mystery surrounding how private Kimberly Woodruff has structured herself; you wonder why you can barely find details bordering on her family background, early formative years, education, etc.

Kimberly Woodruffand Ice Cube have been Married For almost three Decades

After their first meeting and eventual dating 1998, the pair got stronger and decided in 1992 to solidify their love. It is noteworthy to mention that, the candle lit  in 1988 has go on for almost thirty years.

In 2017, the couple celebrated their twenty-five years marital anniversary. Ice Cube disclosing to the Daily Mail, that the reason they had stayed so long together is because he considers his wife, Kimberly Woodruff first, his friend and a combination of communication going on between them to ignite their passions and the reason they first decided to recite the vows that will keep them forever. This has sparked off reactions on the internet by well-wishers who feel inspired by them. With so many failed marriages out there, theirs is worthy of emulation.

She Lives Big

Despite being a private person that avoid the clicks of cameras and buzz of paparazzi, it has been revealed that Kimberly Woodruff loves the finer things of life and lives big. As the wife and backbone of a famous actor, Ice Cube, it is not surprising that she can afford the kind of lifestyle she lives, craves or want. It is gathered that Woodruff stays in her husband's huge mansion located in Marina Del Ray, California, which is an amazing edifice with a total of 6 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, fleets of cars, all in a vast acre of land of about 7,575 sq.ft. 

Her Children Are Stars

For those who have seen the movie, Straight Outta Compton, you will recall the striking resemblance of the younger Ice Cube, O'Shea Jackson Jnr in the street credibility movie about the Compton neighbourhood. It is important to state that, that young man with a spitting resemblance for the legendary Ice Cube is none other than his first son, O'Shea Jackson Jnr. The 2015 N.W.A. biopic, Straight Outta Compton came out pretty good and for this, the elder O'Shea Jackson (Ice Cube) and his beloved wife, Kimberly Woodruff, are proud of their son's portrayal of the character, "Ice Cube


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