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Everything To Know About Coronation Street Actor, Jack James Ryan

Jack James Ryan

Jack James Ryan is an American actor famed for his appearance as drug dealer Jacob Hay on the soap, Coronation Street. He has also performed in Vera (2022) as Greg Stein and also in Shakespeare Hathaway (2019) as Darren Morgan. More recently, he is known for openly discussing his cancer survivor story and his wish that more awareness will be created about testicular cancer.

How old is Jack James Ryan?

Jack James Ryan was born on April 1, 1998, as per his Instagram post, and is therefore 25 years old as of 2023. He was born in Manchester, England, United Kingdom and his zodiac sign is Aries.

Talking about his family and childhood, he has a sister Rebecca Ryan who is an actress and has appeared in some movies such as “Shameless”, “Casualty” and “Waterloo Road”.

Moving on to his educational background, Jack James Ryan graduated from the Guildford School of Acting in 2018. As for his hobbies, Ryan loves horseback riding, football, and fencing. In addition, he can sing, dance and is also a guitarist.

The professional life of Jack James Ryan

Jack James Ryan started his acting career after school and some of his early works are Titanic, Birth of a Legend (2005), and Moving On (2019). He has also appeared in the Coronation Street series, as well as Casualty, Military Wives, and Doctors. He acted alongside his sister Rebecca Ryan in Coronation Street but she left the show after three months of appearing as Lydia Chambers. The 5ft 11 inches actor was also cast in Emmerdale Farm(2019).

Who is Jack James Ryan dating now?

Jack James Ryan’s romantic love interest is a mystery. However, he is straight and currently single. He has tried to keep his personal and love life out of the public eye and he has no known past relationship.

However, he has been rumored to be dating Elle Mulvaney his on-screen girlfriend in Coronation, but he said that Elle is like a sister to him. Meanwhile, Ryan has mentioned that he underwent counseling after he had surgery to remove his left testicle due to testicular cancer as he was having body image problems and was not interested in dating. It is not clear if he has begun dating since surviving cancer. Perhaps, Ryan is more focused on his acting career at the moment.

Social media profiles

Jack James Ryan is available on various social media platforms. His Instagram handle is jackjamesryan which has over 25k followers and his Twitter handle is (@JackjamesRyan_).

Jack James Ryan’s cancer survival story

Jack James Ryan was diagnosed with testicular cancer in his late teen (age 19), but luckily for the Coronation star, he discovered it on time and it was successfully treated. He now wonders why people were not told that testicular cancer was common among young men since he had always thought that it was like an old man's cancer. Now a survivor, he narrates his experience with the hope that more people will get to know about it and also hopes that his story will be woven into his character on Coronation.

Meanwhile, Jack James Ryan was home for the easter holiday in 2017 when he discovered the lump. He was studying at drama school at the time and was back in his Mother’s home in Manchester. He recalled that his sister was around with a friend when he found the lump. Narrating the experience to host Lorraine on ITV, Ryan said “ I screamed: Rebecca! Rebecca!” She ran upstairs and I told her that her friend had to go. He said further, “She asked her to leave and came back upstairs with my Mum and I told them what I’d found.

Luckily, he found the lump in its early stages and didn’t need a lot of treatment according to the doctors. Nevertheless, he had surgery to remove his left testicle and got a prosthetic replacement. He also underwent chemotherapy to ensure that the cancer is completely wiped off.

As per Digitalspy, Ryan wrote a play afterward, titled “Me and My Left Ball”, which describes his cancer experience and which he calls “a proper grieving experience”. He said the play was a means of letting go of all the feelings he had kept bottled up since his diagnosis.

Meanwhile, Ryan mentioned that embarrassment over testicular cancer is part of the reason men ignore lumps and that he too had the experience when he visited the hospital. He also hopes that more people will open up about their experience of testicular cancer.

Furthermore, Jack James Ryan is grateful to be alive and has learned to be very appreciative and not take things for granted anymore. Now, he will be glad of an opportunity to live his story with his Jacob character on-screen on Coronation so that more attention will be drawn to testicular cancer.


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