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Dog Facts That Will Inspire You

Dog Facts

Dogs hold a special place in our hearts because these canines have proven time and time again to be a man's best friend. Man and dog have come a long way and it is crucial that we learn everything we could about them.

We present you with this 25 amazing Dog facts that will inspire your affection toward these four-legged cuties and also help you to know your dog better.

Dog Facts That Will Inspire You

1. Their sense of smell is Superb

Do you know why dogs are used to sniff out drugs, explosives, dead bodies and even cancer cells? The secret is in their highly developed noses that contain millions of scent receptors that make them smell better than humans. It is estimated that dogs can smell a thousand times more than us because they have about 300 million olfactory receptors in their nose while humans have about 6 million.

2. Their wet noses help them to absorb scents.

There is a lot of myth surrounding the wetness of a dog’s nose but the real reason is that it helps then to absorb scents from the environment. Additionally, the noses have a sweat gland which allows them to sweat.

3. Dogs have lesser taste buds than Humans

A dog's sense of taste is small compared to humans; it's about 1700 sensors to a human’s 9000). This explains why dogs can eat about anything- from rotting food scraps to fecal matter without discrimination.

4. But their hearing is remarkable

Dogs can pick up sounds that are beyond humans because their ears are specifically made to hear a vast range of sounds.

5. A Dog's nose is unique to its owner

Every dog's nose is different and the difference lies in the number, shape of creases and ridges it contains. This difference is so unique that it could be termed the dog's fingerprint. Now you know why your dog can smell you from miles away.

6. A dog is as smart as a toddler

Dogs have such easy bond with toddlers because they basically have the same level of intelligence. Studies show that a dog can understand about 250 words and gestures which makes them about as smart as toddlers. This might be the reason why dogs hardly bark at the sight of a baby in a stroller, rather they wiggle their tail in excitement.

7. Dogs can show jealousy

A problem might arise when you bring a new dog or some other pets home because they, like us, get jealous too. This is why it is important to show equal affection to these innocent domestic canines.

8. Stray Dogs in Russia have mastered the complex subway station

In a country like Russia, vast in landmass Stray Dogs are a common sight and they have reportedly learnt to navigate the complex subway stations in their quest for food.

9. Your dog can detect your mood

Dogs can actually notice when their owners are fearful, depressed, unhappy. etc. This is certainly one of the dog facts is widespread knowledge and you might have already known this. Aren't dogs the best companion ever?!

10. Newfoundlanders are excellent lifeguards

This is made possible by their waterproof skins and webbed foot which are great for floating on water. Stories have been told of how these dogs have tried to "save'' their owners while they are out swimming.

11. Petting Dogs can improve your health

Dog facts

Petting a dog can lower blood pressure by up to 10 percent and can also reduce the feeling of depression, stress and loneliness. This is why senior citizens are encouraged to keep dogs as pets.

12. Dalmatian puppies have no spots at birth

Shocking right? These spotted beauties are actually born white but their spots appear as they get older. Why is it so? I bet biological science has the answer to that.

13. Three Dogs survived the Titanic

Two Pomeranians and one Pekingese were the three dogs that survived the ill-fated Titanic in 1912. They were all from the first-class cabins.

14. A dog was made mayor of a town

History was made in 2012 when Idyllwild California elected a golden retriever Mayor Max, to be their first Mayor. Even when the dog passed away in 2013, the town replaced him with another dog, Mayor Max II.

15. Dogs are tuned to the Earth's Magnetic field

The reason why your dog is spinning around before doing their business is that they want to align themselves with the earth's magnetic field. This means they like to face north or south before they poop.

16. A bloodhound sense of smell is so accurate that it can be used as evidence in the law court

This breed of dogs is known to follow evidence that is over 300 hours old and can stay on the trail for over 150 miles. That’s why their smell is reliable and can be accepted as evidence.

17. Bloodhounds can also outrun a Cheetah in a long-distance race

Even though the speed of a Cheetah is legendary, it can only maintain its speed for up to 200-300 yards whereas a bloodhound can keep up its 35mph for up to 7 miles. Therefore, when competing in a long-distance race, the Cheetah might have the head start but the Bloodhound will definitely outrun him eventually.

Therefore, don't let their slumber outlook fool you.

18. All Puppies are born deaf and 30% of Dalmatians remain deaf in one ear

Dog facts

Sorry, your Puppies can’t hear you until they’re about two weeks but when they do hear, they hear 4 times better than humans can. It is estimated that they can hear up to 50,000Hz whereas most humans can only perceive sounds that are up to 5,000Hz.

Moreover, about 30% of all Dalmatians are deaf in one ear due to the piebald gene that is responsible for their white coats and blue eyes in some of them.

19. Dogs pant to cool off and sweat through their paws

Dogs are capable of sweating, but only through their paws pads and nose. This is actually why their paws smell like corn chips when there is a buildup of bacteria there. They also pant to cool themselves when the temperature is high which circulates air through their body.

20. Some foods can be deadly to Dogs

Dogs aren’t meant to eat everything. Chocolates, for instance, are very deadly to dogs because they contain theobromine which Dogs cannot digest. The buildup of this ingredient in their system can lead to death.

21. The Basenjis are bark less dogs

These breeds of dogs don’t bark and they are perfect for those dog lovers that want to do without a constant ‘woof!’ in the background. They make a ’yodeling’ kind of sound and were originally used as hunting dogs.

22. Yawning is contagious for dog’s too

You have probably noticed that yawning is contagious from human to human, but do you also know that a sound of a human yawn can trigger one from a dog especially when the human is very familiar to the dog.

23. A dog sleeps curled up to protect its internal organ

A dog’s sleep position is not just for aesthetic, it is an evolutionary adaptation for the protection of its vital organ stemming from its time in the wild where it was constantly in fear of predators.

24. Dogs have two additional eyelids

Dogs actually have three eyelids covering each eye. Among them is a nictitating membrane in the corner of their eyes which is used to remove dust and mucus from the cornea.

25. Dogs sniff butt for communication

A dog’s scent gland is located at its backside and it’s through this scent gland that information about the dog is secreted. Therefore dogs sniff each other’s butt to get this key information such as sex, health and diet.

26. Dogs roles in some marriage cultures

In some countries in Africa, it is said that dogs can help predict if a man will be a good husband and son-in-law. In this ancient tradition, when a man proposes marriage, the family of the bride-to-be assigns him a dog to live with him for a couple of weeks. If he can treat the dog very well, he is presumably a good man who is capable of loving and protecting his family.

Perhaps with these few dog facts, we hope you're inspired and that you might want to start paying more attention to your dogs.


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