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Cardi B Without Makeup: What She Looks Like

Cardi B Without Makeup

We're used to seeing Cardi B all glammed up and looking super glamorous in her multi-coloured hairstyle, fashionable clothes and accessories and long dramatic nails - that we rarely see what she looked like in her natural form. That is why the photos and videos of the artist without makeup has created such a buzz on the Internet and even though she looks very different from what we see on stage and on the red carpets, she still looks beautiful. She has proven time and time again that she is comfortable in her own skin and doesn't mind sharing her natural self with us. 

The music artist from Bronx New York has been making waves in the American music industry in recent years and has become popular with hit songs such as 'I like it like that'. She is the wife of Offset and they have a daughter named Kulture Kiari Cephus 

We love the fact that the mother of one is keeping it real and is not afraid to drop make-up free Instagram stories for her over 72 million fans or sport her Natural look while shopping or having fun with her daughter. 

Let's check out these photos of Cardi B Without Makeup 

Cardi B without Makeup

She is famous alright, but Cardi B (real name Belarus Marlenis Almanzar), sometimes wants to shelve her Celebrity status, and mingle with ordinary folks. This she did recently in 2019 when she went on a shopping trip at the Aventura shopping mall in Miami a few days to Christmas. She was dressed in a short form-fitting blue dress buttoned down the front with a few top buttons left undone to create a V-neck, a simple head wrap and zero Makeup.

However, shoppers soon recognized her by the tattoo on her thighs which were still partly visible and her signature long nails and they crowded around to catch a glimpse of her. But, Cardi B had come along with three security guards to ward off possible over-enthusiastic fans. 

Cardi B Without Makeup
Cardi B Without Makeup: What She Looks Like

Another notable incident was when she took her daughter Kulture on an excursion to Disney World. Cardi B was captured with no Makeup and was unrecognizable in her Minnie mouse polka dot sweater and Mickey Mouse-ear. It's hard not to mistake her for every other regular visitor to the park as she mingled freely and took selfies on a Dumbo ride with Kulture who was dressed in a pink bomber jacket. They stayed to watch the amazing fireworks display at Disney Park. Cardi B has never hidden her love and adoration for her daughter who was featured alongside her on the cover of vogue recently. She has created a special trust fund for her to guarantee her future and a percentage of her earnings goes right into it. 

Furthermore, Cardi B has a huge fan base on Instagram where she regularly posts stories. Not quite long ago, she showed us her daughter's hair, her own natural hair and face without Makeup, while sharing her hair care routine on Instagram story. The rap star revealed that she uses a combination of avocado, avocado oil, mayonnaise and argan oil to form a hair mask that brings out the hair's natural sheen and tame puffiness. She also talked about her daughter's natural curly hair and how she takes care of it in addition to posting some photos of her younger self with her natural looks. 

Cardi B sported the all-natural look again as she struck a pose with Offset and a friend. In the picture, Cardi B looked very relaxed as she leaned into Offset while staring at the camera and her fans are loving it.

In another viral photo, the Rapper was having a good time with the dolphins during her vacation and one actually gave her a peck. See what we mean? Cardi is loved by humans as well as animals. She wore absolute no Makeup in a picture of her cuddling her baby at a stadium in New Jersey with the caption 'Day before summer jam'. It was a photo most working mums can relate with, as they try to find a balance between taking care of the baby and doing their work. It is assumed the singer came in for a soundcheck in preparation for her show the next day. 

What do you think about the photos of Cardi B without Makeup? Talk to us in the comment section. 


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