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Ann Marie Pallan – Things to know about Robert Trump’s wife

Ann Marie Pallan is the wife of Robert Trump, the late younger brother of Donald Trump who passed away in 2020 from an undisclosed illness. Pallan is a former secretary to Robert Trump when he was a senior executive in the Trump Organization and was put in the spotlight after Robert Trump’s ex-wife Blaine, accused her of having an affair with her husband.

Ann Marie Pallan’s Biography

Ann Marie Pallan was born in 1965 into the Monte family, owner of Brooklyn’s oldest Italian restaurant. She is from Montauk, New York, USA. Her father is Angelo Peter Montemarano who died in 2008 at the age of 88, and her mother is Gladys Mayo Montemarano who passed away in 1989. Pallan has four siblings – two brothers, Paul Montemarano and Angelo Peter Montemarano, and two sisters, Phyllis Ann Lomitola and Theresa Biscardi.

There is scant information about the early years of Ann Marie Pallan and her Education background. However, we know that she worked with Robert Trump as a secretary in his real estate office in Brooklyn.

Ann Marie family’s restaurant business

Known as the Monte’s, Pallan’s family business has traced its establishment to 100 years ago. Her ancestors founded the Italian restaurant in Brooklyn and it has been run by a generation of family members. Ann Marie and her siblings recently opened another outlet for the business called Monte’s Local Kitchen and Tap Room in Armenia, New York in 2014. Included in their menu is a burger named after her husband, known as the “RST All American”. Her late husband Robert Trump used to be a regular at the restaurant on Friday nights.

Pallan stated that she and her siblings launched the restaurant with their own funds with no input from Trump’s money. Sadly, the business announced its closure on Facebook in 2020 for the purpose of reevaluating its future.

Ann Marie Pallan’s marriage to Robert Trump

Robert Trump was the senior executive manager in charge of the Casino business of the Trump Organization. It is not clear when their relationship began but it was purported to be as far back as October 2004 based on a report from Page Six.

However, the rumor about their relationship was heightened when Robert Trump bought her a $3.7 million home in Long Island, New York. Subsequently, his then-wife Blaine Trump got wind of it and accused her husband of having an affair. She also attempted suicide after the discovery. In the end, Blaine settled for divorce after it became evident that Robert Trump was not going to separate from Ann Marie Pallan. The couple separated and their divorce proceeding was concluded in 2008.

Meanwhile, Pallan's first marriage to Thomas Pallan, a surgeon, had previously ended in divorce. They share two children, a son T.J and daughter Genna according to her Facebook profile as reported by Heavy. More so, Pallan has two grandchildren from her daughter Genna who is a master's degree holder in mental health counseling, as well as a bookkeeper, back-office manager for a branch of her mother's family restaurant, according to her social media page.

Robert Trump and Ann Marie Pallan tied the knot in March 2020 after a long-term relationship. They had no children together before his death. However, Robert Trump adopted a son, Christopher, from his first wife's previous relationship.

Robert and Ann Marie Pallan were involved in many charity works and were the co-host and sponsor of the “Angels of light Benefit” which took place in Armenia, New York City in November 2015. She was a strong supporter of Trump during his presidential bid and helped promote a boat parade for fellow supporters during his second term bid for the Presidency.

Death of Ann Marie Pallan’s husband, Robert Trump

Robert Trump, the younger brother of Donald Trump died on august 15, 2020 at the age of 71, 11 days short of his 72nd birthday. The former President visited him a day before he died at the New York-Presbyterian hospital where he was hospitalized.

Donald Trump reacted in a statement released by the white house at the time, he expressed deep sorrow and referred to Robert as his best friend. "He will be greatly missed," the statement said, "but we will meet again. His memory will live on in my heart forever."

Robert Trump’s funeral was conducted at the East Room of the White House on August 21, 2020. It had about 200 people in attendance and Donald Trump personally took charge of all the funeral expenses.

The deceased ex-wife Blaine Trump and her son Christopher were reportedly not in attendance at the funeral as they were not invited.

Ann Marie Pallan’s net worth

Ann Marie Pallan comes from wealthy family background and has also served in several capacities including working as Robert Trump’s secretary. Her estimated net worth is $1.2 million while Robert Trump’s net worth is about $200 million.


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