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7 Interesting Facts About Haley Cureton from Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle

Haley Cureton

Harley Cureton came into popularity as one of the singles who contested in the first season of the Netflix reality show, Too Hot To Handle in 2020. She has been dubbed one of the most controversial on the show because of a number of reasons such as her inability to connect with other castmates and not playing by the rules.

However, she did form a friendship with Instagram influencer and fellow castmate, Francesca Farago but their relationship has so far deteriorated. Harley Cureton was sent out of the show in episode 5, but the aspiring model and actress didn’t seem to mind. It seemed that the rules of the game were not agreeable to her hence her nonchalant attitude toward her eviction.

She has, however, gained massive popularity during her short stay at the show and her social media followership has also significantly increased.

Here are some interesting facts to know about Haley Cureton.

1. Haley Cureton is pursuing a college degree at the University of North Florida

Haley Cureton is currently studying at the University of North Florida where she is pursuing a major in Geography. Talking about the show in the first episode, Haley Cureton mentioned that she had no idea where Australia is, when she said, “I like the International vibe. Harry is from Australia and I have no idea where that is”. The statement generated lots of attention and fans questioned her education since she was supposed to be majoring in Geography.

The stunning blonde was 21 years old when she contested in the show. She was born in March 2000 in Jacksonville, Florida. As for her parents, little is known about them, apart from the information that Cureton’s father reportedly works in Cyber Crimes and has many years of experience.

2. Haley Cureton is a model for Strata clothing

Something good surely came out of Haley Cureton’s participation in the THTH show, as she got a modeling job after her brief stay at the show. She became a model for strata clothing, a clothing supplier that is based in California with branches in Jacksonville and Peru. She also displays sponsored ads by Fashion Nova and Maven Beauty on her Instagram. Cureton is also an aspiring actress and hopes to be a famous actress someday. Moreover, she was featured in the COED Girl of the day in 2018 because of her beautiful looks.

3. Haley Cureton claimed to be a member of a Fraternity that she no longer belonged to

In the first episode of the THTH show, Haley Cureton claimed to be a member of the Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity when she had already been kicked out of the fraternity. The fraternity later denied her claims explaining that her membership ended in December 2019 because she failed to meet her membership obligations. Haley Cureton then took to her Instagram to confess that she is no longer a part of the sorority but she is thankful for all the friends she had made there and that she has accomplished far greater things than the sorority.

Zeta Tau Alpha is a fraternity that is concerned with rendering philanthropic work on breast cancer awareness and it has its headquarters in Carmel, Indiana, US. It was founded in 1989 and is present in colleges around the world.

4. Haley Cureton got kicked out of the “Too Hot To Handle Show” for breaking the rules.

The “Too Hot To Handle” show offered singles an opportunity to live a dream-like life on an exotic Island while trying to find love and also win $100,000. But there was a twist- there shouldn’t be any form of physical intimacy between couples and there were penalties for disobedience. However, Harley Cureton and her then-friend, Francesca Farago stole a kiss thinking that they wouldn’t be found out, and the action cost the castmates $3000.

Later on, Cureton got booted out of the show and she didn’t seem to care. Apparently, she wasn’t enjoying the experience as she wasn’t trying to get along with anyone and also had a bad attitude. According to her best friend in the house, Francesca Farago, “it was foreseen that she was gonna go”. Farago also said that she felt sad when she left and it was very upsetting.

5. Haley Cureton called out her former friend, Francesca Farago for covid-19 violations

Haley Cureton had a fall-out with her former friend and she called her out for going out when she had covid-19 over covid -19 protocols. She accused Farago of going out and partying in Tulum, Mexico, after testing positive to covid -19.

In a statement on her Instagram story in March, Cureton also explained that she and Farago are no longer friends because she loves to make fun of people and does not care about other people’s feelings. She also posted messages where Farago told her that she left the house when having covid-19.

Farago completely denied all the accusations in her response on Twitter and maintained that she stayed home all the time she was sick and only left the house after she was non-contagious with clearance from the doctors. She also claimed that Cureton had photoshopped the screenshots of the messages she posted on Instagram and that no one should believe her. Sharron Townsend, a fellow castmate commented that Cureton had tried to blackmail him several times, saying that she had also photoshopped an email and used his name to subscribe to her OnlyFans account to gain more followers.

As if that Was not enough, the attack on Cureton continued with Harry Jowsey (Francesca Farago’s ex who she met on the show) took to Tik Tok to post voice memos that Cureton sent to him saying his ex-girlfriend, Farago asked her to go on TMZ and bash him.

6. Haley Cureton loves tattoos and dogs

There are two things Haley Cureton definitely loves, and they are dogs and tattoos. She has a tattoo of a snake on the wrist of her wrist, some words on her left hand, and her right pelvic area. She is equally an advocate of people adopting dogs and she owns a dog she adopted from a Jacksonville facility.

7. Haley Cureton is being trolled because of her new looks

Internet trolls Cureton after her recent looks. The reality starlet has done some transformation works on her nose, lips, and forehead which have given her a new look but some fans seem not to be happy about that. According to social media rants, she also got breast implants after the show.

However, others love that she is actualizing her dream of having the type of body she wants. Meanwhile, Cureton has asked fans to stop dropping negative comments about her transformation when commenting on her posts. She said she has been very open about her nose job, lip fillers, and fat transfer to her forehead and she had often said that she would get plastic surgery whenever she had the money to go for it and therefore people should leave her alone with her choice. Her Instagram is @Haley.cure and she has over 563k followers.


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